November 26, 2022


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9 Benefits of Installing a Magnetic Screen Door

Installing screen doors are a great way to improve the functionality of your home. Screen doors can create a cross breeze and prevent the air in your home from feeling stale or stuffy. Magnetic screen for doors are an affordable option that anyone can quickly install in their home. 

Still don’t believe us? You can use magnetic screen doors in apartments, homes, and even RVs to make access to the outdoors easier than ever. Here are nine reasons to add a magnetic screen door to your home. 

  1. Affordable 

When it comes to installing a screen door in your home, you have a lot of options. 

  • Hinge screen doors – attach to your door frame just like a traditional door, and open and close along the hinge. 
  • Sliding screen doors – run on a track and slide open and closed 
  • Magnetic screen doors – attach to a wood or metal door frame and seal down the center with magnets. 

Sliding and hinge screen doors can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars when you account for installation. These doors can be complicated to install and usually require a contractor. 

Magnetic screen doors have a much more affordable price tag, averaging about $20 between the most competitive brands. You can get a screen door’s benefits without the hefty price tag.  

  • Quick and Easy DIY Project 

You won’t need to hire a contractor to install magnetic screen doors. Even if you have no experience installing doors, you can tackle hanging a magnetic screen door in your home. 

  1. Clean your doorframe. 
  2. Ensure all magnets along the center of the screen are sealed shut. 
  3. Hold the screen up to the doorframe to check size and fit. It shouldn’t drag along the floor or hang wider than the doorframe.
  4. Mount the screen using thumbtacks for a wooden frame or hook-and-loop backing tape for a metal frame. 

You can find easy-to-follow instructional videos on Youtube if you need a visual aid. 

  • Save on Cooling Costs

Running your AC all summer long adds up quickly. On average, it costs $0.06 and $0.88 per hour to keep your home cool. During hotter months, you may keep your AC running all day and night – which could mean you spend hundreds a month on your energy bill. 

Magnetic screen doors allow fresh air to flow freely through the rooms of your home, creating a cross breeze. Leave your doors and windows open while you sleep, and let the fresh evening air naturally cool your home. You could save up to $200 on your energy bill by keeping your AC off for the eight hours a night you sleep. 

  • Convenient Hands-Free Exit and Entry 

Effortlessly host guests in your yard. Don’t struggle with sliding screen doors or awkward door handles and knobs. Magnetic screen doors allow you to walk through with a tray full of drinks. Strong magnets will seal the screen closed behind you, allowing you to enter and exit your home hands-free.  

  • Pet Friendly 

Give your dogs and cats full access to the yard they love! Not only can you access your yard more easily with magnetic screen doors, but so can your pets. Your pets won’t have to bark or meow for you to let them outside when they can walk through the magnetic closure on their own. 

  • Keep Bugs Out

Do you struggle to keep bugs out of your home? Durable mesh and powerful magnets work in tandem to keep the screen closed behind you. This prevents flies, mosquitos, or other unwanted visitors from entering your home. You’ll still be able to see through the mesh to your yard – but bugs won’t bother you. 

  • Durable Enough for Year-Round Use 

Magnetic screen doors are made to last. The heavy-duty mesh and reinforced edges will withstand even the harshest winter elements – no need to re-install your screen door each spring. Leave it up year-round and make it easy to enjoy warmer weather at the start of spring.  

  • Quiet 

Children don’t always understand how to close doors quietly. The sound of your door constantly slamming open and closed can be highly irritating. Magnetic screen doors open and close silently, unlike sliding or hinge screen doors. Now your kids can run and play inside the house and out in the yard without disturbing you. 

  • Adjustable to Perfectly Fit Your Door 

Even if your doorframe is smaller than 38×82 inches, you can still use a magnetic screen door in your home. Simply use the instruction manual to hem the length or width of the screen to fit your doorframe correctly. 

Even if you are on a budget, you can reap all the benefits of installing a screen door in your home with convenient and affordable magnetic screen doors.