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How to Effortlessly Wear a Medallion Necklace – Roma Designer Jewelry

What are medallions? How do they differ from pendants? Here’s what you require to know, as well as how to style a medallion necklace for an effortlessly chic seem.

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Almost nothing need to halt us from investing in ourselves. That’s why in spite of the events of the past two yrs, the international jewellery market is nevertheless increasing at about 6% a 12 months!

Fairly than purchasing a great number of pieces of costume jewelry, it’s superior to invest in higher-excellent jewellery that will previous. Which important jewelry pieces do you have to have to have a nicely-rounded assortment?

One of the most iconic necklaces is a medallion necklace. A properly-selected medallion should have a design that speaks to you. Purchased from the correct place, it can very last a lifetime.

But how must you design and style a medallion necklace? That depends on the look you are heading for. Adaptable as they may be, the option of chain-length, metal coloration, and complementing pieces are what make the look easy.

Here’s our model guide for wearing medallion necklaces perfectly with any outfit.

Medallions vs. Pendants

Is a pendant necklace and a medallion necklace the exact matter? Whilst generally utilised interchangeably, there are really some crucial variations.

A pendant necklace is everything suspended from a chain. Indicating that pendants can come in all styles, measurements, and materials. Technically talking, even a surfer’s shark tooth necklace is a pendant necklace!

Medallion necklaces, on the other hand, are a slash over. Whilst all medallion necklaces are pendants, the reverse isn’t genuine. Which is due to the fact a medallion is specially a flattened disc of steel.

These days, this definition has expanded to contain other shapes. But possibly way, their good metallic design and style indicates quality. Whether they are created of gold, platinum, silver, or even plated, they are a pendant of the maximum quality.

Medallion Necklace Origins

The word medallion comes from the phrase medal because in historical occasions, that is what they were being! Medals won in warfare grew to become household heirlooms, only escalating in price.

Medallions could also be purchased for a precise objective, these as to commemorate an occasion or ward off evil spirits. These would be treasured just as a great deal and passed down for generations.

Either way, medallions had an essential this means to their proprietors. 

Their legendary flat metal disc style has endured for hundreds of several years. Whilst they’re now far more inexpensive, the very best medallion necklaces remain correct to their origins by being of high high-quality.

How to Fashion Medallion Necklaces

Irrespective of whether your medallion necklace holds a particular this means or not, you will need to know how to design it. Here’s our information for sporting medallion necklaces in 2022.

Chain Length

When you buy a medallion, the chain is frequently bought independently. That affords the wearer entire command of the seem. For the most adaptable design and style, acquire far more than one chain so you can have on your medallion in distinctive approaches.

A short, just about choker-length chain is a quite deliberate-looking preference. It will work very best with other harsh seems to be.

Dress in it with black shirts, dresses with solid cuts, or winter outfits. Enhance it with easy jewellery, this kind of as earring studs and great chain bracelets.

A middle-duration chain is the most versatile appear for get the job done and perform. It is effective just as perfectly above a bodycon dress as below a denim jacket.

The key with a mid-duration chain is to lean into the model you’re going for. Gown down your mid-duration medallion necklace with relaxed bracelets and boho earrings. Or dress it up with jewelry accents in the exact same metal as your medallion.

Lengthy chains can conveniently attract attention away from your medallion. If you wear stable neutral colors, it can be a tasteful relaxed option, but will not have a formal outfit. About colorful, loud, or patterned prints, it will very likely get missing.

Either way, a prolonged chain is not the very best way to don a medallion simply. Stick to a brief or mid-size chain to bring out its attractiveness.

How A lot of Medallions Should I Don?

Medallions are usually worn just one at a time. But the layered look is turning into additional common. How can you determine irrespective of whether one or multiple medallions function most effective with your outfit?

Use a solitary medallion necklace for a timeless, elegant look. Its simple, central target performs just as nicely with a work blazer as it does a sundress. It constantly appears very good.

The far more challenging design and style to pull off is a number of necklaces. This can be worn in three techniques:

  • Many medallions on the similar chain
  • Layering many single-medallion necklaces
  • Layering a medallion necklace with other chains

Donning various necklaces in either way is a a lot more everyday appear.

When on the same chain, multiple medallions can appear very boho chic. Allow them dangle collectively in the heart or choose a necklace with spaced-out medallions. Dress in this style with summery outfits.

Layering numerous pendant chains is an even youthful and much more comfortable glance. It is the best way to elevate a swimsuit or straightforward white t-shirt.

Possibly way, several medallions look comfortable and easy, but unquestionably everyday. When dressing up, usually stick to a single, amazing piece.

For Each and every Costume Code

As we’ve defined, medallion jewelry operates with each and every model when done ideal. Below are some styling ideas for every single costume code.

For a very everyday search, wear a medallion necklace about a patterned shirt. Accentuate with other eye-catching jewelry. Both layer numerous medallions or a one medallion necklace with an additional chain.

Gown this up to an night outfit by swapping out the patterned prints for stable shades and simplifying the relaxation of your jewellery. For illustration, wear a gold medallion necklace in excess of a black turtleneck or silver medallion jewelry over a white linen shirt.

The far more calm the outfits, the more eclectic the necklace appears to be like. So to formalize it, wear your medallion necklace with equipped clothes. For case in point, dress in a mid-duration chain about a customized shirt or dress in neutral, jewel, or earthy tones.

Spend in Medallion Jewelry

A medallion necklace really should be valuable plenty of to be handed down but not unaffordable. At Roma Designer Jewellery, we focus in pieces that elevate your personalized brand name devoid of breaking the financial institution.

Our medallions come in silver and gold tones. Some are embellished with important stones, and other folks have reversible patterns!

No matter what your style, we have the correct necklace for you. Search our retail store now to find the best medallion for your design and style. As well as, enjoy free of charge shipping on orders around $50!