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Index Of Friends Series Season 1 To Season 10 [With Cast, Seasons Recap & Much More]

Index Of Friends Series Season 1 To Season 10 [With Cast, Seasons Recap & Much More]

Check out the Index Of Friends show season 1 to 10 and a quick recap of all ten seasons with cast, plot, streaming & online download availability in 2020.

Hilda Workman

Sep 22, 2020

The legendary American television sitcom, Friends, aired back in 1994 and managed to occupy a permanent place in our hearts. Depicting the nineties and their ways of life, the story is about five friends and how they live their lives in the city.

It was not long before people started to swoon over the cast and the show. So much that even Google has acknowledged this evergreen series and does it’s own bit of animation when you google the characters. The hype and frenzy skyrocketed when this show started airing, and surprisingly, is still alive till date.

It’s a story that speaks about five friends, their romantic lives, relationship dramas, and daily hurdles. Filled with Chandler’s sarcastic remarks and amazing comic touch added by every crew member, this show makes you fall in love with it instantly.

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You find a piece of you in every single character, which is what makes this show so relatable. By the end of the finale, you are sure to find yourself wallowing over a pint of ice cream. Because let’s be honest, Friends is something one would never want to end.

Created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, the series has earned around 62 nominations for Primetime Emmys and even won the Outstanding Comedy Series in 2002. It has received worldwide critical appreciations, with over a ton of titles awarded to it.

So if you haven’t watched this series and already feel you’re not accepted into the society (we’ve been there!); here’s an index of it to help you through. Before you hear one more friend exclaim, “You haven’t watched Friends?!” you better start binging!

friends series poster

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  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • IMDb Rating: 8.9/10
  • **Written By: ** David Crane, Marta Kauffman, Scott Silveri, Jeff Greenstein, Alexa Junge
  • Directors: James Burrows, Gary Halvorson, Kevin Bright, Michael Lembeck, Ben Weiss
  • Available Platforms: Direct TV, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video
  • Total Seasons: 10 Seasons
  • Total Episodes: 236 Episodes

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Friends Series List Of All Cast & Characters

  • Jennifer Aniston As Rachel Green

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Index Of Friends Series (Season 1 To Season 10)

Index Of Friends Season 1

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Index Of Friends Season 2

index of friends season 2
  • Number of Episodes: 24
  • Available Platforms: Direct TV, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video

Season Recap: To Rachel’s disappointment, Ross returns with Julie whom he knew since high school. However, Julie and Ross break up, and Rachel and Ross get together. However, though their course of the relationship, major tension starts to arise between the on-off couple.

Ross makes a list of cons of dating Rachel when he finds himself confused while choosing between Julie and her. Rachel discovers the list of cons Ross made and grows seriously upset over it, calling their relationship off.

However, Ross and Rachel reconcile when Rachel sees the prom video, back from their highschool times. The prom video shows how Rachel was stood up by her prom date, and Ross agreed to fill in. She realizes how much Ross cares for her, and walks across the room and kisses him.

Joey gets cast as Dr Drake Ramoray is a popular soap opera, Days of Our Lives. This compels him to get a better apartment and move out. Chandler gets a new roommate, Eddie who turns out to be strange and annoying.

During an interview, Joey tells the media that he writes his character’s lines. This makes the crew of his show upset, and they decide to kill his character as revenge. After Joey’s character gets killed, he moves back in with Chandler and thus shooing Eddie away.

Meanwhile, Monica dates a 21-year senior family friend, Richard. She eventually breaks up with him when he says that he doesn’t want kids. The season finale sees Chandler on an online dating app, chatting with a woman, who ultimately turns out to be Janice. You can watch Friends series Season two online on Netflix, Prime and Direct TV.

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Index Of Friends Season 3

index of friends season 3
  • Number of Episodes: 25
  • Available Platforms: Direct TV, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video

Season Recap: Chandler starts dating Janice but ends it when he gets to know Janice is still in love with her to-be ex-husband. Rachel upgrades from a waitress to a fashion consultant at Bloomingdale’s, meanwhile Phoebe discovers her birth mother.

Ross and Rachel start dating, but Rachel grows increasingly busy in her work. Ross starts to suspect that her coworker might be trying to hit on her, compelling him to do extravagant gestures and pass weirdly obvious remarks.

Rachel loses her mind and demands a break when Ross gets too interfering in her work life. Ross takes it too seriously and gets drunk at a bar with Chandler and Joey. He then almost immediately sleeps with Bonnie, making Rachel call it quits completely.

Joey develops feelings for his co-actress, Kate, who is dating the director. They eventually get into a surprisingly short-lived relationship, as Kate gets an acting job in Los Angeles. Monica starts dating a millionaire called Pete, even though she doesn’t find herself attracted to him in the beginning. However, she eventually breaks up when she realizes he is immature and stubborn.

Phoebe sets Ross up with her friend Bonnie, which makes Rachel jealous. Rachel tries to sabotage their relationship by ushering Bonnie to shave her head and go bald. In the end, Rachel confesses to Ross that she has always had feelings for him. The season finale ends with Ross in a dilemma, confused between Bonnie and Rachel. You can watch Friends series Season three online on Netflix, Prime and Direct TV.

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Index Of Friends Season 4

index of friends season 4
  • Number of Episodes: 24
  • Available Platforms: Direct TV, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video

Season Recap: Ross and Rachel’s relationship is still on rocks, as Ross constantly keeps justifying him sleeping with Chloe. On one hand, Ross keeps defending himself saying that “they were on a break”. On the other, Rachel finds it disgusting that he is trying to get away with it all based on a technicality. This makes Rachel break up with him for once and for all.

Also, Phoebe gets fired, after getting physical with her masseuse client rendering her jobless. As Monica and Phoebe, both were without jobs, they decided to open up a catering business. Monica gets hired by the paper company to act as the food critic, and they both decide to call the catering business quits. She writes a subpar review for Alessandro’s, which makes its chef reach her doorstep to confront her. The whole situation ends up with Monica getting hired as the head chef.

Joey starts dating Kathy, with whom Chandler shares a kiss later, stirring up drama. Ross starts dating an English woman called Emily and soon gets engaged. However, he calls out Rachel’s name during the vows, instead of Emily resulting in the marriage breaking up.

Meanwhile, Phoebe agrees to act as the surrogate mother for Alice and Frank’s kids and gives birth to triplets in the next season’s 100th episode. You can watch Friends series Season four online on Netflix, Prime and Direct TV.

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Index Of Friends Season 5

index of friends season 5
  • Number of Episodes: 24
  • Available Platforms: Direct TV, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video

Season Recap: Ross tries to desperately make it up to Emily after she flees from the reception. Emily agrees but throws Ross a condition of never seeing Rachel again. She even asks him to sell his furniture and shift with her out of the city, so that they can start afresh. However, he attends a dinner with his friends, where Rachel was invited too. Emily calls up Monica’s residence and gets to know about this. She realizes that she cannot trust him and thus calls it quits.

Ross gets angry and resentments fill him, and he shows it out at work. This results in him getting permanently barred from the museum, rendering him jobless. He then moves in with Chandler and Joey until he finds an apartment for himself, right across the street.

Meanwhile, Rachel gets a job at Ralph Lauren and starts to date her neighbour, Danny. It was short-lived and she ends it when she realizes he is too close with his sister. Monica and Chandler secretly enter a relationship after goofing around at Ross and Emily’s wedding. However, they promise to keep it under covers and not make a great deal out of it. In the end, they become exclusive, taking their friends by a surprise. You can watch Friends series Season five online on Netflix, Prime and Direct TV.

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Index Of Friends Season 6

index of friends season 6
  • Number of Episodes: 25
  • Available Platforms: Direct TV, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video

Season Recap: Ross and Rachel end up getting married in Vegas, which was nothing but a drunken mistake. After their friends disclose about whatever happened, they decide to separate as soon as possible.

Ross promises Rachel to get an annulment but doesn’t get in done behind her back because he cannot have three failed marriages. Given their long history, they had to end up getting divorced. Monica and Chandler decide to move in, causing Rachel to shift with Phoebe.

Meanwhile, Joey takes in a new roommate Janine, with whom he gets into a brief relationship. When Janine expresses her dislike for Monica and Chandler, Joey calls it quits. Rachel and Phoebe’s apartment catches fire, causing Rachel to move in with Joey, and Phoebe with Monica.

Ross becomes a professor when he gets a teaching job, and starts dating his student, Elizabeth. However, they eventually end it when Ross realizes that she’s way too immature and young for her. Rachel develops the hots for Elizabeth’s dad and starts dating him. But she too fails to sustain it when he expresses his overwhelmingly emotional side to Rachel.

Monica visits a museum for which she puts down her name, and Chandler freaks out when he finds out about it. This compels Monica to seek comfort in Richard who promises her children. However, Monica comes home and decorates the room and starts to propose to Chandler. When she gets too overwhelmed to continue, Chandler proposes and she accepts. You can watch Friends series Season six online on Netflix, Prime and Direct TV.

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Index Of Friends Season 7

index of friends season 8
  • Number of Episodes: 24
  • Available Platforms: Direct TV, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video

Season Recap: Phoebe’s apartment gets repaired and reconstructed into a 1BHK instead of 2, compelling Rachel to move in with Joey. She hires a handsome assistant over a qualified one, solely for looks, called Tag. Tag learns that Rachel has feelings for him and they both start dating. However, Rachel ends it with him when she realizes he’s too immature of a person to get married to.

This season revolves around the various problems encountered by Monica and Chandler in the course of their wedding. Chandler freaks out minutes before the wedding and goes into hiding. Phoebe and Rachel stumble upon a positive pregnancy test trying to find him and assume it’s Monica’s. Chandler overhears their conversation and panics all the more.

Chandler hesitates at the thought of fatherhood, but eventually embraces it and gets ready for marriage. It is later revealed, in the series finale, that the pregnancy test was Rachel’s. However, only Rachel knows it now and no one else. You can watch Friends series Season seven online on Netflix, Prime and Direct TV.

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Index Of Friends Season 8

index of friends season 8
  • Number of Episodes: 24
  • Available Platforms: Direct TV, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video

Season Recap: Phoebe and Monica get to know about Rachel being pregnant and ask her to do a pregnancy test again. Rachel, nervous and unsure, ask Phoebe to check the results. Phoebe deliberately lies and informs Rachel that it’s negative, much to Rachel’s dismay. She later reveals the truth and her reason for saying it wrong at the first go. At least, Rachel’s now sure that she wants to have the child.

Ross and Rachel agree to co-parent without getting into a romantic relationship. Joey takes Rachel out to help her cope with her motherhood fears, realizing he has feelings for her. He tells Ross who initially gets mad, but eventually grants his blessing. When Joey confesses about his love for Rachel, she doesn’t reciprocate it back and says she wants to stay friends.

Rachel gives birth to baby Emma. Meanwhile, Judy gives Ross their ancestral ring and ushers him to propose to Rachel. He puts it in his jacket and leaves it in Rachel’s room. Rachel sees Joey holding it (who accidentally finds it fallen) and says yes almost immediately, even though Joey didn’t mean to propose.

Meanwhile, seeing Rachel have a baby inspires Monica and Chandler to finally embrace parenthood. They decide to give it a go, starting at the hospital. You can watch Friends series Season Eight online on Netflix, Prime and Direct TV.

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Index Of Friends Season 9

index of friends season 9
  • Number of Episodes: 23
  • Available Platforms: Direct TV, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video

Season Recap: Joey clears the engagement ring misunderstanding with Rachel, who brings Rachel back to square one. Ross and Rachel are seen busy co-parenting Emma and keep running into problems. Rachel is on a paranoid streak, as this is her first time being a mother. Ross, on the other hand, handles her with calm and composure.

Chandler takes up a job in Tulsa, while Monica gets promoted to head chef at Juva. This makes the couple enter a long-distance relationship, compelling Chandler to travel back and forth every weekend. However, when he does not get a holiday at Christmas, he resigns and comes back. He bags an unpaid internship at an ad company and eventually gets promoted to a copywriter.

Monica and Chandler constantly try to have a baby, but eventually, realize that they are physically incompatible to conceive one. After multiple trials but to no avail, they decided to adopt. Meanwhile, Phoebe starts dating Mike who doesn’t want to get married, which compels her to break up.

She reconciles with her ex-boyfriend David, but Mike realizes his feelings and proposes to her before David could. Phoebe rejects both of them, but eventually gets back together with Mike who promises her that they have a future together.

Rachel returns to Ralph Lauren after her maternity leave, only to find her co-worker Gavin trying to steal her job. Gavin develops feelings for her and they both share a kiss on Rachel’s birthday, but Rachel brings it to a halt thinking about Ross. Ross, unfortunately, sees them kissing and tries to cope up by dating other women.

When Rachel realizes that Ross and her living together is weird, she and Emma move in with Joey. Rachel starts to crush on him, but Joey starts dating Santorini who is also a palaeontologist.

When the friends travel to Barbados to support Ross in his palaeontology conference, Joey and Santorini realize they have nothing in common. They break up, and Santorini and Ross start dating. Meanwhile, Rachel and Joey want to start dating but hesitate to indulge as yet because of Ross. You can watch Friends series Season Nine online on Netflix, Prime and Direct TV.

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Index Of Friends Season 10

index of friends season 10
  • Number of Episodes: 17
  • Available Platforms: Direct TV, Netflix And Amazon Prime Video

Season Recap: The season finale weaves all the co-running plots together. Erica gives birth to fraternal twins, much to Minca and Chandler’s joy. They both buy a brand new apartment in the suburbs, to start afresh. This saddens everyone, especially Joey as it gets hard for him to cope up with all the changes.

Rachel gets fired from Ralph Lauren when her boss overhears her interviewing for Gucci. The day she packs her things and leaves, she stumbles upon her ex-coworker from Bloomingdale’s, Mark. Mark offers her a job at Louis Vuitton, the only downside being that she’d have to shift to Paris. Ross assumes that Rachel doesn’t want to go to Paris, and thus bribes Me. Zellner is asking Rachel to come back. However, Rachel confesses that she is looking forward to going to Paris, leaving everyone in dismay.

The friends throw Rachel a goodbye Party, where she speaks to everyone individually and cries her heart about except Ross. Ross gets mad for not having a personal, heartfelt goodbye from her and confronts Rachel. In the course of it all, Ross and Rachel end up sleeping together. Ross realizes his true feelings for Rachel and chases her till the airport. Rachel turns him down saying that she needs to go, and boards the flight.

In the end, Ross gets a message from her saying that she got off the plane last minute, realizing just how much she loved him. The friends go out one last time, together, for the last cup of coffee and Central Perk. The season ends with a scene showing everyone’s keys to Monica and Chandler’s apartment on the countertop, fading away into the purple floor. You can watch Friends series Season ten online on Netflix, Prime and Direct TV.

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FAQs About Friends Series (Season 1 To Season 10)

1. What is Friends Series all about?

The best episodes of Friends, according to IMDb

Wrapping it Up: A Series That Has Our Hearts

The series ends and it feels as if the characters got their well-deserved ending. Leaving behind a bittersweet feeling as the curtain drops, the series is still alive and vibing in all our hearts. It makes you realize a lot in the finale, and feel things on a whole different level.

You catch yourself crying when Chandler proposes to Monica, you feel yourself every time Ross and Rachel get back. Phoebe’s smelly cat is a song that’ll always play in the back of your mind, and just like Joey, you’ll learn not to share food.

It’s like every character’s story has a meaningful lesson that you can learn. And these are the life lessons that teachers and guides will fail at demonstrating.

Monica teaches that sometimes, it’s okay to leave your comfort zone behind and start afresh. Chandler is the living proof that it’s never too late to pursue your passion. Ross teaches us that no matter how many times you fail, another shot is always worth it. And Phoebe, she shows how you can fight the hardest of battles and remain kind. Pizzas are way too delicious to even be shared with your loved ones, and sometimes, getting off the plane is the best decision you’ll ever make.

Watching Friends is a life-changing experience. Because each one of us needs someone who’d say “I’ll be there for you when the rain starts to pour. I’ll be there for you like I’ve been there before.” Start binging already, trust us, you would not want to miss this masterpiece!

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