February 21, 2024


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Meet the Jeweller Alice Cant (podcast episode) — Jewellers Academy

With Alice Cant

When Alice Cant determined to start making jewellery, she realized she’d will need some guidance. Alice concluded the Jewellers Academy Diploma in Silver Jewelry, and she employs the classes she uncovered to develop wonderful sea glass jewellery for her business enterprise, Alice Catherine Jewellery. In this episode, Alice describes her knowledge with joining a diploma programme as a relative starter. She also describes why sea glass inspires her and shares how she manages the unique challenge of building jewellery with a product she finds in nature.

Episode Description:

  • In this episode, we’ll communicate with Alice Cant about earning sea glass jewellery and her expertise with the Silver Diploma (:50)

  • How did you turn out to be a jewelry maker? (2:07)

  • What was it like to start out the diploma as a relative rookie? (4:42)

  • What sparked your fascination in sea glass? (7:20)

  • What is it like to make jewelry with a product you collect oneself? (10:52)

  • Can you tell us about your favourite and least favorite jobs in the diploma? (12:32)

  • When did you get started your business, and what was that like? (18:21)

  • How do you tactic Instagram reels? (24:26)

  • What has been your major achievement so far? (27:21)

  • What is upcoming for you? (30:48)

  • How to link with Alice (32:24)

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