December 6, 2022


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Selling to Online Marketplaces: Digital Strategy from Crocs

Pleasure is a Fantastic Pair of Sneakers

Whether you use your Crocs with socks, with charms or without having any, this famous manufacturer prides itself on coming up with “delightfully relaxed footwear” that make the world a happier spot.

And if we had to describe Rebecca Lacerda, the company’s Head of Electronic Marketplaces, it would be delighted. Or bubbly. Or the best buddy you desire you experienced. She’s also an sector top specialist on Marketplaces, which assortment from Amazon and Zalando in the west to JD and Alibaba in the Asia-Pacific.

In this episode of Within Retail, Grace sits down with Rebecca to make clear how brands can have interaction with marketplaces, what the pitfalls are to prevent and in which she sees the future of electronic marketplaces going.


A indigenous of Brazil, Rebecca has designed her career at the world’s very best recognized leisure footwear brand names for over a ten years, first as a Retail Strategist at Nike, a World Senior Manager of Digital at adidas and now in her present job at Crocs.

With almost a billion pairs sold given that debuting in 2002 and offered in more than 85 nations, Rebecca is in charge of building certain they stay a go-to manufacturer for athletes and superstars but most importantly,  enjoyable and fashionable footwear for the full relatives.

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Marketplace 101

At their core, Marketplaces are just on the net procuring facilities. What these of a certain age as soon as referred to as malls, or how lots of components of the planet perspective buying districts and streets devoted to retail profits. In accordance to Rebecca, 70% of development in the retail space will do so via multi-brand channels like marketplaces.

All marketplaces are not produced equivalent while, so the thorough tactic incorporates understanding which a person is correct for your manufacturer and how very best to employ it for maximum reward.

Illustrations of the marketplace product are 1P, the conventional approach: Brand name → Retailer → Customer and 3P, DTC as a result of a System. But there is also a hybrid design, just one applied by many brands nowadays, the place they’d have a single assortment advertising via 1P and an additional as a result of 3P.

Whichever you choose for your brand, or if you are new to marketplaces, this engaging and insightful episode is a will have to listen.

Notable Quotable

“You can see a peak in a particular product or service and say, oh, this is a massive craze. Or was it just a retailer accomplishing a markdown? Are you essentially gaining marketplace share or are your items not turning as rapidly as they predicted? And (a retailer) are just placing your costs down and sacrificing their margin to invest in some profits.”



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