October 1, 2023


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Some Interesting Facts About Creating The Diamond

From the bowels of the earth to the display cases of jewelry stores across the world, the time and preparation involved in creating a finished diamond is staggering. It is fascinating what it takes to create this amazing gem stone that has enchanted generations of people for hundreds of years. One of the sources of diamonds are when they are brought to the surface through volcanic pipes deep in the earth. High pressure and temperature enables the formation of the crystals from carbon bearing materials.

There are only two places where these crystal forming conditions are met and they are at the site of meteor strikes and in the lithospheric mantle below relatively stable continental plates. The formation of the diamond is very complex, thus explaining their rarity. Diamonds at the earths surface range from one to three billion years old. This is the time line for the natural creation.

India is where they are thought to have first been mined. They have been known in this country for three to six thousand years. It was discovered around the 1870’s that South Africa had large amount of them. Today diamonds are mined in many different countries including, Russia, Canada, and Australia, just to name a few.

After the diamond ore is mined, it is carefully crushed as to not damage larger diamonds that the ore may hold. The particles are then sorted by density. In times past, they were sorted out by using grease belts because they stuck to them more readily than other ore particles. X-ray technology is used today instead. Rough diamonds are then sent to cutters where they are transformed from a rock that may not be recognizable as a diamond by an average person, into the creations of beauty you find in the jewelry stores.

The cutting of a rough diamond is considered an art as well as a science. The rough diamond’s shape will be determined by the location of flaws in the stone and how best to get the most caret weight from it. A considerable amount of weight is usually lost. When the shape of themis decided, it is then that the facets for that shape are cut. The preciseness of their symmetry determines the fire and light reflection. After they are cut the diamonds are expertly polished and graded.

This will consist of their cut, clarity and color quality. These factors combined with the caret of the diamond will determine its value and ultimately decides the price you will pay for it when purchased.