July 14, 2024


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Surprisingly, Labiaplasty Isn’t Just A Cosmetic Operation – It Can Treat Vulvodynia

Surprisingly, Labiaplasty Isn’t Just A Cosmetic Operation – It Can Treat Vulvodynia

If you’ve always assumed that labiaplasty is nothing more than a cosmetic operation, you are absolutely mistaken. This form of plastic surgery, intended to reshape the skin around a female’s privates, can also be useful in treating the painful condition known as vulvodynia.

According to MSHC vulvodynia is a condition characterised by painful sensation whenever anything touches your privates. Typically, there wouldn’t be any obvious infection, dermatitis or abnormality of your skin.

How Do You Know That You Have Vulvodynia?

Without a doubt, if you develop vulvodynia, you’re definitely going to notice it. If you have it, you’ll feel a stinging, burning or raw sensation. Have you ever had the feeling of needles pricking your privates? Well, that’s how it would feel.

Actually, there are two different ways in which you would experience such a painful sensation:

– In the first instance, it may occur in an unprovoked manner. This happens when the affected person constantly experiences pain in the background. Alternatively, painful sensation may arise spontaneously without any particular trigger.

– In the second instance, painful sensation may be pressure-provoked (this is referred to as vestibulodynia). You are likely to experience such sensation during intimacy, which might affect your love life. It might also arise when using a tampon. The reason being, such pain is triggered by touching the meeting point of the external and internal parts of your privates.

Getting Rid Of Vulvodynia Through Labioplasty And Other Treatment Methods

If you’ve had constant pain or you thought intimacy just wasn’t for you because of the painful sensation, you would definitely be glad to find out that there’s actually a way to treat this condition. One such method of treatment is labioplasty.

Labioplasty can be effective in treating localized vulvodynia. In this case, the affected tissue and skin would be removed; hence, relieving you of the painful sensation. Considering that surgery is most appropriate for the localized form of vulvodynia, it’s necessary that an expert surgeon first characterises the particular condition affecting you.

This process requires expert technique and should therefore be handled by a qualified professional. If you’re cautious about taking this route, you would be encouraged to know that quite a number of women affected by this condition have had successful surgeries without any problems. A skilled surgeon would use a surgical technique that is least traumatic to body tissues, such as the central wedge labioplasty. The expertise of your surgeon will assure you of the best results without any avoidable side effects.

However, labioplasty isn’t the only treatment option available. You can take advantage of several other remedial measures suited to different forms of the condition:

1. You doctor may prescribe antidepressants, anticonvulsants, pain relievers and other forms of drug treatments.

2. Biofeedback therapy may be used to help decrease painful sensation.

3. A simple dietary change can be an effective treatment. For instance, you may be advised to cut down intake of foods rich in oxalates. This is because such foods may cause your body to form crystals if excessive oxalates don’t get filtered out by your kidney.