June 24, 2024


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12 Unique Ideas for a Wedding Dress That Stands Out

The wedding dress is traditionally formal and white, but these days, brides are looking for ways to break out of what’s normal and has been seen a thousand times. In this article, we will discuss 12 unique ideas for a wedding dress that really makes a bride stand out.


1. Add Some Colour

Who says you have to wear a white, or even off-white, gown? Make a splash at your wedding by wearing a beautiful dress in a daring colour. If you want to look unique without being too bold, a great choice for a wedding dress is silver, or even blush, depending on your theme.

2. Shorten Things Up

One excellent way to change up the traditional wedding dress is to shorten the length. This idea is great for brides tying the knot in a more casual setting, or among a small group of friends. A dress that hits the bride slightly above the knee is great for making her look taller if she is on the petite side.

3. Make it a Two-Piece

Break away from the gown idea and instead walk down the aisle in a two-piece. While this idea may seem a bit revealing, it really does not have to be. A high-waisted skirt (mermaid skirts that flare out at the bottom are truly beautiful!) paired with a crop top makes a splash without showing too much skin.

4. Give it a Retro Feel

Depending on your theme, you may want to consider getting hitched in a dress that has a retro feel. You can purchase a dress that is already made in this style or you can modify a dress you already plan to get married in. Adding a peter-pan collar can give a dress a retro feel in minutes.

5. Be a Tomboy

Does the idea of a gown not really do it for you? If you want to look sophisticated but not too girly, consider wearing a pantsuit for your nuptials.

6. Show Off a Pattern

One great idea for a unique wedding dress is to skip the plain white and wear a gown featuring a fun and feminine pattern. A dress made with fabric in a floral pattern is a fantastic choice, especially if you are going with a garden party theme or simply getting married outdoors.

7. Display Some Sparkle

Really make a statement with your wedding dress and wear a gown made from a sparkly fabric. This can be subtle or bold, depending on your theme for your wedding.

8. Dare to Bare

Keep your wedding dress looking classy while still showing off some skin. A beautiful gown with a low-back could be exactly what the doctor ordered for your nuptials. Another way to chastely show some skin is to wear a dress that has a hemline shorter in the front while being the traditional length in the back.

9. Make it Yourself

Are you good with a sewing machine? There’s nothing more unique than a dress made by the bride herself. And if this scares you a bit, don’t let it! You can skip the zippers by choosing a stretch fabric that allows you to slip the dress over your head.

10. Make Use of Accessories

If you would like to look unique and non-traditional without breaking from the norm too much, wear accessories that give some pop to your whole look. For example, wearing a white gown with bright pink shoes, lipstick, nails and a headband will really make you stand out and look fun.

11. Don Some Lace

A dress made of lace is a perfect choice for those getting married in a warmer environment. You will still look classy and gorgeous while not becoming overheated. This is also a wonderful idea for those selecting a bohemian theme for their nuptials.

12. Go For Gold

Are you choosing a colour scheme that includes gold? A perfect colour for those getting married in the evening, a gold dress can really set the theme for elegance and sophistication.

Dare to be different on your wedding day and make a splash with a unique wedding dress. You can use one or more of these ideas to craft your perfect wedding gown that will help you to stand out. If you are looking for a truly unique yet still elegant dress, visit Riki Dalal at www.rikidalal.co.uk for a wide range of ideas. Good luck!