May 25, 2024


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47 Time-Saving Products You’ll Wish You Had Sooner

Once you start using this weekly shower cleaner that cleans your shower *for* you, you’ll never go back.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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A detangling brush with an easy-to-hold handle that’s so effective on all hair types that it’s amassed over 30,000 5-star reviews on Amazon — people swear by it for detangling fast without pulling on or damaging hair, so you can skip the time-consuming “ow OW Ow ow” in the a.m.

This brush is designed to work on all hair types, but reviewers with 2c through 4c hair say it has worked well for them. It also works on wet *and* dry hair, so you don’t have to time out your brushing.

Promising review: “My daughter has a lot of hair that tangles very easily. Her knots get so bad that they needed to be cut from her head at times and even after cutting those knots would not come undone despite pulling with all of our might. To me that was evidence that her hair is just impossible. Then we came across this brush. We saw a commercial for a different brand but when I logged onto Amazon I saw that this brush had far better reviews and has been around for quite some time. I ordered it and was not sure what to expect as many other detangling brushes simply failed even after adding large amounts of leave in conditioner and detangling spray to her hair. Lo and behold, this brush does as it promises. IT WORKS! My daughter went from dreading getting her hair brushed to doing it herself. She is 5 and says this brush is relaxing. I highly recommend this product. It will save you time, money and sanity. It should say NO MORE TEARS FOR PARENT AND CHILD.” —Nicole W.

Get it from Amazon for $11.88 (available in five colors).


An adorably encouraging daily planner you can fill out the night before to make sure all your priorities are planned and on track for the next day, so you don’t have to scramble to prep for all of them in the morning instead.


Each planner comes with 50 tear-off sheets the size of a standard piece of paper.

Promising review: “So glad I bought this! This is a great little notepad! Cute, practical, and with just enough writing space to capture the most important things. Well worth the price!” —Nikki Grillo

Get it from Amazon for $10.99.


A foaming garbage disposal cleaner you can plop into your sink, run a little water on, and let its blue magic fizz its way up to the top while clearing out all the gunk in your sink in one go, meaning you won’t have to wait eight years for the sink to drain anymore.

Promising review: “These are amazing! I was skeptical at first but I followed the directions (which are super easy) and was grossed out and satisfied at the same time to see the gunk that was removed. You put the entire packet down your disposal (I read that twice too) and magic happens in under two minutes! That is what I call powerful and successful cleaning! The scent is super clean and light with a hint of lemon. These will definitely be a cleaning staple for me.” —KPITT

Get a four-pack from Amazon for $9.04.


A dual hair dryer and brush to save you OODLES of time by drying your hair as you style it. This bb will also give your ‘do an incredible amount of volume and shine, without the cost of a pricey blowout!,

Unlike other hair dryers, this one can be held closer to the roots and scalp for a higher volume and lift, and helps you curl hair at the end while it dries. It comes with three heat settings and is designed to work on all hair textures — reviewers with 2a through 4c hair mentioned it working for them, and especially noted that it helps cut down on drying time!

Promising review: “OK. I never write Amazon reviews which isn’t cool since I rely on them so much … but I just had to write one for this!!! So my BFF has been trying to talk me into this for dyer for a while. I have REALLY thick, wavy, frizzy hair that never dries pretty naturally. I either get blow outs or spend about 20 minutes blow-drying my hair and THEN flat iron it. So I finally caved and tried this dryer for the first time last week. I started out with pretty wet hair and product in it. About 90% of the way into the dry, I thought it was OK…but then everything came together. My hair was straight, smooth, and styled in about 10 min tops. I couldn’t believe it. I immediately called my friend who told me to try it with my hair almost air dried. WHAT? So I did it the next time and again…WOW! This time I dried my hair in about three minutes…not as straight and smooth as the first time but pretty darn close. This dryer is a GAME CHANGER. I can’t believe the amount of money I’m going to save on blowouts!!! My BFF said it’s also great for bedhead and quick touchups too. Can’t wait. TRY IT…you won’t be disappointed!!!” —Ann

Get it from Amazon for $40.99+ (available in three styles).


Or a well-loved diffuser attachment for drying curly hair — it’s built with an extra-large design for quicker drying, and 360-degree air flow to diffuse hair evenly and gently, so hair can maintain its natural curl and bounce.

Promising review: “I absolutely love this diffuser. I had been using a hooded hair dryer on wash days for years, and was getting frustrated with the 45+ minute dry times along with ‘triangle hair’ and lack of volume due to the dryer blowing down on my hair. Not only do I get wonderful volume with this diffuser, but I’ve more than cut my dry time in half with only needing about 20 minutes. Mind you, I have very thick 3b/3c curls that are a couple inches past my shoulders. Works wonderfully.” —SarahG

Get it from Amazon for $19.87.


Plus a blow-drying spray designed for faster drying, so you can cut your hair-drying time by as much as HALF. It’s also heat protective and helps detangle, smooth, and soften hair.

Promising review: “I am SUPER STOKED with this blow-dry spray. My hairdresser has been using this on my for years and I finally purchased it. I wish I hadn’t waited so long. It cuts my blow-dry time down by at least 40%. My hair is much smoother and healthier since I have been using. I like that it protects my hair from the heat of the blow-dryer and my flat iron. I would highly recommend!” —Roxy

Get it from Amazon for $13.


A set of “day of the week” closet organizers for kids *and* adults so you can lay everything out in advance and prevent everyone’s least favorite game of staring at the closet for a half hour every morning and hoping it will choose an outfit for you.

White Loft/Etsy

Each set includes five hangers for Monday through Friday. 

White Loft is an Austin-based, woman-owned small business that specializes in growth charts, gifts, and home organization. 

Promising review: “These are great! They’ll absolutely make mornings easier with clothes pre-selected for the week. My kindergartner will easily be able to get himself dressed for school. I plan to buy these for my other kids as well so my husband can dress our kids in clothes that actually work together (ha!). Great quality and great idea!” —Stephanie 

Get a set of five from White Loft on Amazon for $24.95, on Etsy for $24.95, or on their website for $24.95


A silicone baking mat for your sheet pan, so you can roast big batches of veggies with all your favorite sauces and seasonings without greasing up a whole pan and doing a massive scrub of it later.

Promising review: “I had grown tired of replacing cheap ‘nonstick’ baking pans, so I read some reviews and the pros seem to all recommend natural aluminum baking pans without a nonstick surface and then using a silicone baking mat like this for your nonstick needs. Between the aluminum sheet and these mats, I spent way more than I ever had on a baking sheet and the prospect of making cookies on a silicone mat seemed a bit unnatural to me, but I was happy to see that after a few bakes, not only do these work wonderfully well, they leave no plastic aftertaste on the cookies. As advertised, they are very easy to clean and, with a good sheet, do an awesome job at baking evenly without burning. I am sure I will eventually buy more of these, but for now, this two-pack was good enough for us.” —Michael J. Eckman

Get a set of two from Amazon for $12.44.


A cold brew coffee maker to save you tons of time (and tooons of money) on all those trips to Starbucks. All you have to do is add coffee to the airtight brewer, add your water to the coffee maker, and pop it in the fridge overnight. BOOM, caffeine city.

Promising review: “I don’t know what I did without this in my life. Easy to use, clean, and couldn’t beat the price!!!!! Love how it seals and I can drink it all week (not that it ever makes it that long)!!!!” —Rhiannon

Check out BuzzFeed’s review of this cold brew coffee maker for more info!

Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in three colors).


Or a HyperChiller to instantly transform any hot or room-temperature beverage into an ice cold one, so you can just take your easily brewed hot coffee or tea and hack it into and iced version with this, too.


Promising review: “I am an avid (i.e., daily) iced coffee drinker, but I have been extremely hesitant to make my own iced coffee at home because I didn’t want the bitter flavor from two-day-old coffee or the watered-down nature of just adding ice to coffee. Thanks to the HyperChiller, I have now found a solution!!! The HyperChilller worked like a CHARM!!! I was able to create my own iced coffee directly from my coffee maker in the comfort of my own home.” —Chelsea

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.


A power scrubber brush you can attach to a DRILL (!!) that quickly takes care of all of the hard grime-busting for you, whether you’re tackling rust stains, shower doors, tiles, gutters, porches, or pretty much any other caked-on stain and grime you can imagine.,

Promising review: “I’ve been eyeing these for a few months and finally caved.. Man do I regret not picking them up as soon as I saw them! They work GREAT! We rent an apartment that has a 30+-year-old shower/tub. I’ve used everything from abrasive powders, gels that sit, to most recently the bathroom Magic Erasers and nothing really got the grime out. These WORK and they work fast. Ten minutes with my handy drill and the shower has never been cleaner. I love that I don’t have to throw money out on cleaning products anymore and that I can be a little more environmentally friendly with no waste and no chemical cleaners! Just a little dish soap, baking soda, and a spin of the brush. If you’re on the fence, just buy them!” —Becky Adie

Get a set of three from Amazon for $14.99 (available in six colors).


A grooming glove for cats and dogs that will get the job done FAST, and spare you future cleanup digging mountains of hair out of the carpet to boot.

Plus a lot of reviewers say their pets love love love the feeling ❤️.

Promising review: “Wow. This thing is incredible. My cat sheds so much I want to pull my own hair out cleaning it all the time. Twenty very well-liked passes on my Sampson and I got a huge amount off! I 110% recommend this item! Don’t think on it. You need this now.” —Kimberly

Get it from Amazon for $7.99.


A set of dishwasher-cleaning tablets you can pop into a cycle with your dirty dishes to wipe out all the extra grime and that funky smell without wasting any time scrubbing — these do all the work for you!

Promising review: “Saved me from buying a new dishwasher!I have to admit that I was skeptical that this product was actually going to do anything. I’ve noticed my dishwasher wasn’t cleaning dishes very well lately, and I did everything I could to get it working properly again, but was ready to finally give up and buy a new dishwasher. I bought these tablets thinking they were designed to eliminate odors, but I was willing to give them a shot before buying a whole new dishwasher. I put one in the bottom of the dishwasher last night per the instructions and woke up to completely clean dishes for the first time in weeks. They look perfect. I don’t know why these tablets work but they absolutely did and I am a happy customer!” —B. Turner

Get a six-pack from Amazon for $5.39.


Plus a set of fast-acting Keurig cleaner pods that save time the same way — you can simply put one through a cycle on the machine to get rid of all the crusted on grinds and residue that are *definitely* affecting the taste of your coffee, even if you haven’t noticed over time.

Promising review: “Love, love, love this. Have used other products but they were not only complicated to use but did not do a great job. This one really works well and is very simple to use! I have used the same metal mug for my morning coffee for about three years now and it got really stained. I used this product one time and the stains were removed. The coffee maker looks like new again. Soooo happy! Going to buy some for my son and will rebuy this for sure! The price is most reasonable also. Win/Win.” —pennywrites

Get a set of six from Amazon for $10.95.


A no-scrub weekly shower cleaner you can quite literally “set and forget” to maintain its cleanliness over time — once you apply it after a shower, you just have to wait 8 to12 hours and it’ll quietly tackle the soap scum, grime, oils, mold, and mildew stains without any elbow grease from you.


Promising review: “We cannot BEGIN to tell you what a lifesaver this is! We have two old fiberglass tubs with vinyl shower enclosures that no matter what amount of scrubbing we have done with everything from bleach to cleanser to vinegar and baking soda would NOT come clean. After I took my shower last night, I sprayed down the tub and walls. Within minutes, all the built-up water deposits and dirt and grime began to melt away in front of my eyes. I left it on overnight, and when I got up this morning, it did not look like the same tub and shower. This product is a godsend, especially for old folks like us who have difficulty getting down on our hands and knees and scrubbing anything. More importantly, it performs as advertised. We plan on using it as part of our weekly cleanup routine, in addition to purchasing the Wet and Forget Mold and Mildew Remover for use on the vinyl siding of our house. This is truly an overnight sensation!” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $16.89.


A “Life Binder” printable you can use to keep track of — well, just about everything. This has 67 pages of printable templates and tabs for keeping track of paperwork like insurance, property records, medical info, and finances, sparing you a ton of time by having everything organized and ready when you need it most.

Life’s Lists/Etsy

Life’s Lists is a Connecticut-based, woman-owned Etsy shop established in 2014 by a professional organizer, specializing in printable planners, journals, and activity packs. 

Promising review: “I haven’t found a set as complete and beautifully designed nor as large as I need it. This is invaluable and will be used for years to come.” —Renee J. 

Get the digital download from Life’s Lists on Etsy for $19.95


A soft silicone ear-saver and mask-extender to spare you the hassle of unknotting and knotting the straps on store-bought masks until you get a perfect fit. Bonus: This also takes the pressure off your ears!


People are also using these to prevent their hearing aids or earbuds from falling out and getting lost while they’re taking masks on and off. Plus this silicone ear saver is anti-slip to keep it locked in place, and designed not to get tangled in hair.

Psst — a lot of reviewers mention this worked great for kids’ masks, especially since sizing for kids’ faces is all over the place and difficult to measure out when you’re buying masks online!

Promising review: “A small investment saves a fortune. Taking a mask on and off your ears is difficult, especially if you wear hearing aids. My audiologist recommended these because so many people were coming in for lost hearing aids. Hearing aids are super expensive. Now I don’t worry. This is very comfortable. I love this product.” —Chicky Boom Boom

Get a four-pack from Amazon for $6.99 (available in seven different color combos).


A set of airtight glass meal prep containers perfect for meals on-the-go — these are safe in the oven and the microwave, meaning you can batch prep your meals early in the week and then store, reheat, and eat out of these in a flash, without *any* extra dishes to deal with.


OH! They’re also stackable, so no space wasted in the fridge. We love to see (and eat) it.

Promising review: “These are spectacular!!! They are airtight so the week’s food I do for lunches and such stay fresh for the whole week. They are strong and very durable. The four-part latching system ensures your food is completely sealed. The seal ring is removable for easy cleaning. The nice pop-top vent allows food to cool if packed in hot. Once cool, close pop-top and stick in the fridge. Husband is rough on things including his lunch box and so far these are holding up so nice!! Many others I have tried have been broken in a matter of days. I love these!!!” —Deborah

Get a set of five from Amazon for $25.99.


Plus a personalized spiral meal prep planner for anyone who wants to get a leg up on their meal prep in advance, so you don’t have to waste time extra deciding what to eat.

Mod 86 Designery/Etsy

Mod 86 Designery is a Minnesota-based Etsy shop established in 2009 that specializes in planners, address books, password books, and more.

Each of these laminated planners has 60 weeks’ worth of pages, plus a double-sided pocket in the back for coupons on receipts.

Promising review: “I use this meal planner every week! The layout is clean and pretty, and I love the pockets in the front and back for coupons. Keeps our meal planning super organized from week to week. I staple our grocery receipts to each week too for extra tracking on what we are spending.” —Kristin

Get it from Mod 86 Designery on Etsy for $18+ (available in two sizes, with your choice of personalization on the front with eight font choices).


A set of itty-bitty dermaplaning razors you can use to quickly take care of those lil’ unibrow hairs that keep dodging your tweezers or work whatever face fuzzies you might want to take care of without going all out with wax or a trip to the salon.


This tool also helps soften skin by gently exfoliating as you use it!

Promising review: “I had been getting a professional lip and chin waxing every three weeks for the past 10 or more years. I was VERY nervous about switching to shaving. After all, we have been indoctrinated with the idea that shaving will only make things worse. I did some research online, and read over and over that shaving does not make hair get darker or grow faster. Of course, unlike waxing you are cutting it off at the skin line, not pulling it out below the skin line. I finally tried shaving, and I love it. I still pluck stray hairs regularly (as I did with the waxing), and shave about every two weeks. I can determine when I need it, and I don’t have to let the hair grow out to a certain length, as I did with waxing. Saving money, saving time, and looking better more consistently, What’s not to like?”Deb

Get a set of three from Amazon for $4.99.


Plus a hair thinner and cutter that will also be a salon trip time saver — people swear by for all sorts of styling hacks, whether it’s trimming their bangs, maintaining a cut, or giving themselves natural-looking layers (plus trimming and styling wigs!).,

The razor has two edges, a fine-tooth one for thin hair textures and a wider one for thicker hair textures. (FWIW, people also use this on their pets as a quick grooming solution!)

Promising review: “I recently got a pixie haircut, I was hesitant to get one based on the fact that I’d have to get frequent haircuts, the cost of which would add up quickly. I did some research on youtube and found some videos using the Tinkle Hair Cutter to trim hair in between salon visits. I LOVE this thing! It is easy to give a little trim or a drastic cut, both of which I have done since getting the Tinkle cutter. I was very nervous to try it fearing that I might mess up my hair so I just did a little bit first, but it was easy and only takes off small amounts of hair at a time. Remember, I have a pixie cut — if you have long hair it will cut that off! Basically all you have to do is comb your hair in the direction it grows until you’re satisfied with the cut. Seven months post pixie haircut and I have only been to the salon once to have a reshaping done of my hair. I will say that when the cutter feels like it’s ‘pulling’ your hair, it’s time to get new razors. I still prefer my pixie cut to be pretty short and assuming I would have to go to the salon once a month for upkeep I have saved $210 since having my hair cut. TOTALLY WORTH IT!” —brandi in louisiana

Get it from Amazon for $3.93.


A set of nonstick, reusable toaster oven bags that will let you make toasted sammies right in the toaster on days when you simply cannot afford to waste time staring at the stove.


(Psst — you can also use these to reheat french fries, pizza, and even mini tacos, and get all that glorious heat without them getting all soggy from the microwave. Leftovers just got lit.)

Promising review: “I had no idea how well these would work. You can put toast or rolls or anything that will fit in the slot — even if it has jelly or spread or anything on it — in the bag in the toaster and it doesn’t hurt the toaster, and the food comes out warm.” —mare36

Get a four-pack from Amazon for $7.99.


And a breakfast sandwich maker that simultaneously cooks an egg, toasts bread, warms precooked meat, and melts cheese into the perfect sammie in less than five minutes — sorry not sorry to everyone else waiting in line at Dunkin’.

Promising review: “I am actually excited for my weekday breakfast now. These homemade McMuffins are so good! My favorite version uses sliced tomatoes, Swiss cheese, and precooked bacon (from Costco). So many options, so easy! My kindergartener and my teenager both love it. I may have to buy another one for our family. It’s also easy to clean with a quick wipe-down.” —Joolie

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.


A four-piece sock and underwear organizer to spare you the indignity of rooting around your dresser drawers every morning looking for that one! specific! bra!! that is *definitely* in there somewhere. (The comfy one, to be clear.)

Promising review: “I LOVE LOVE LOVE these organizers!! At just $15 for four organizers I took my chances and ordered two sets of four. I wear a 32DD and the bras fit beautifully in the organizers. I ordered another set for tank tops and other extras I did not think of before. I will also order my boyfriend the brown ones for his drawers. Great product for a great price!” —Elizabeth L. Blackwell

Get a four-pack from Amazon for $15.87+ (available in seven colors).


A Squatty Potty, one of those internet-famous stools you can put at the base of your toilet to prop your feet up on while you ~go~. The placement helps align your colon to make the process a whole lot easier and faster — like, 20 seconds compared to several minutes! — so you don’t end up watching all of TikTok while you’re waiting yourself out.


Psst — a lot of reviewers with chronic constipation and other gastrointestinal issues that get them ~backed up~ swear by this!

Promising review: “This thing provided relief INSTANTLY! I have to take pain meds for severe back problems, which means I get blocked easily…even if I am on a liquid diet. The dreaded 24-hour prep process for colonoscopies takes 48-hours and twice the prep for me and there may still be stuff left over because my body hates pooping these days. It normally takes an hour or more before I just have to give up and use a suppository or enema. I take massive amounts of chewable gummy fiber, eat enough vegetables for my entire family, and drink water as if I were an ocean creature…at least 8–10 glasses a day (usually more…much more). If I drink coffee, I have to pee but that’s about it. And I pee a lot with all that water. This stool is the FIRST thing that made this process easier. It arrived in its own box. I thought…it must be special. I unwrapped its plastic and placed it in its new glorious position. Then I decided, ‘What the heck, let’s give it a go!’ AND I DID! No struggling. No squirming. No straining. No squeezing. No grimacing. No difficulty. Just GO! THANK YOU, GOD!” —NoneYa

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.


A weekly pill organizer designed with push-through silicone lids to easily organize your pills at the beginning of the week, meaning you don’t have to spend a bunch of time rooting through pill boxes and trying to remember the timing of them each morning.


Sagely is a family-owned small business founded by husband-and-wife team Ellie Glazer and Ivor Miskulin, who spent three years designing the ideal, stress-free pill storage solution. The silicone lids are super secure, but also designed for gentle and easy opening and closing to account for users with dexterity issues.

Promising review: “Love this thing!!! I’m only 30 and didn’t want an old-lady pill box…and this one was modern and cool. The little slots to push in pills is fantastic and the containers are very large. It keeps my huge vitamin pills on either side and could fit over 10 large ones if needed. Love this thing. Worth the price and looks like it’ll last forever. I do wish the magnets were stronger. They just keep them in place but will slide off if bumped. I assume this is helpful for people with arthritis. It’s an easy fix. I take down one day’s worth of pills, set it on my counter, and now I’m not too lazy to take my pills!” —Chicken McNugget

Get it from Amazon for $34.99.


A smudge-proof eyeliner stamp so you can finally get the perfect cat-eye on the first go without having to ~wing it~ (read: wasting eight cotton balls, half a bottle of eye makeup remover, and all of the minutes you were setting aside to make your morning coffee).


Psst — this tool is double sided, so you can choose the thickness of your wing, and comes with two stamp pens — one for each eye!

Promising review: “This stamp has totally changed (and elevated) my eyeliner game! I was a little dubious at first because I have literally, tried everything in an attempt to make a flawless wing/cat-eye look. I’ve never been able to master it and therefore, had pretty much given up on trying to make that happen for me. THIS STAMP IS A GAME CHANGER! The first couple of times you use it will be some trial and error to determine where the appropriate starting point is on your lid, but once you get that down, it’s literally SO EASY and looks perfect every time. I stamp and then fill in the rest of my eyeliner with my normal product — presto! Perfect wings in three minutes. And it DOES NOT budge. You can put this on at 6 a.m. and it still looks good at 6 p.m. It is also easy to remove with any drugstore makeup remover or towelette. If it came in other colors I’d buy them all!” —J.S. Massie

Get a set of two from Amazon for $14.97 (available in two colors and four styles).


A rapid egg cooker that I am warning you right now is going to become your most meaningful relationship. It can make soft-, medium-, *and* hard-boiled eggs in batches of six, so you don’t have to wait to set aside time to cook your eggs every time you want one. (It also poaches, scrambles, and makes omelets — and you can walk away from it while it’s cooking and get other important stuff done!)


I’ve owned one of these babies and have faithfully used it every week for upward of two years, and especially love it during quarantine — it simplifies breakfast because I know no matter what weird assortment of groceries I’m working with, there are precooked eggs to add some protein to it (I like mine medium-boiled 🍳). If my dinner is boring or seems like it needs a little extra “oomph” to it, I’ll throw in an egg from this, too. Some reviews note that the alarm on it is a little loud, but the new models have significantly decreased the volume and sing a little song instead!

Promising review: “You know those objects that are totally unnecessary, but you see them and fall in love and live forever in happiness with your random kitschy thing? This is that thing. I saw this egg cooker on a BuzzFeed list and, even though I am a fully functioning adult who has never had trouble cooking eggs before in my life, I knew I had to have it. I have not been disappointed. It makes especially lovely, perfectly round omelets with minimal cleanup required. Hard- and soft-boiled eggs cook evenly and taste great. The poached eggs are tender and melt-in-your-mouth over toast.” —Sonnet A. Fitzgerald

Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in five colors).


A jewelry-cleaning stick with cleansing solution on a brush designed specifically to get in the nooks and crannies of your jewelry, saving you time in the short run *and* the long run when you can skip going to the jeweler for a fancy cleaning.,

Promising review: “This thing is a miracle worker! I’m a little ashamed to say that getting my ring cleaned had become low priority in the past eight or so years, kids, moving, etc. took the top spots. My ring was so dirty that I was starting to worry that if I took it somewhere to clean it they’d be disgusted! I randomly saw this product mentioned by someone as a way to shine up their ring occasionally. I bought because it was pretty cheap and why not take a chance? I soaked my ring in some warm water and dish soap for about half an hour then took it out and started using the stick on it. I should’ve taken a picture of all of the gunk I got out of the crevices! I went over it thoroughly and then rinsed it off, OMG! My husband said he could see it sparkling from across the room and said maybe he needed to use it on his ring now! It’s been about a month since I’ve last done it and it’s only now starting to lose some of its sparkle, very long lasting!” —Browns

Get it from Amazon for $7.96.


A 3D-printed key holder/envelope keeper, aka an organizational BFF for anyone whose front hall breeds chaos. This way you can keep your outgoing mail and keys in your direct line of sight when you’re in a rush on the way out the door instead of going on another series of wild goose chases.

Crossover Designs/Etsy

Crossover Designs is a Florida-based Etsy shop established in 2018 that specializes in 3D-printed home products.

Each of these fits a standard double gang (toggle/rocker) light switch cover, and can be installed easily without drilling, nails, or glue.

Promising review: “Love it! Simple, sleek, space saving, smart…who knew I’d be so stoked for a switch plate cover! Not to mention the customer service was very personal and attentive.” —Kelsey Johnson

Get it from Crossover Designs on Etsy for $17.99+ (available in six colors and two finishes).


Plus a pocket-sized Tile Mate to cut down on time spent tearing apart every room in your house looking for the car keys — these can easily attach to your keys, purse, or even your pet and easily find them when they’re lost.


All you have to do is connect the Tile Mate to the Tile app on your phone, and if you misplace something, the app will find it in a snap (and even make the Tile Mate “ring” so you’ll be able to hear it under the bed where the cat has hidden it — big mood).

Promising review: “My boyfriend ‘loses’ his keys, wallet, and phone at least three times every single day. I wish I was exaggerating. I put ‘loses’ in quotation marks because if I have to come to his aid, I usually find the thing hidden in plain sight within five seconds. I love the man, but I was over it. So I ordered these. The wallet size is super thin, similar to a credit card so it’ll fit in the slots. The keychain is small enough that it’s not bothersome. The app is easy to set up and use, and he can register me as a user too. The alarms are super loud so there’s no doubt about the direction in which the thing is hidden, and you can push a spot on the Tiles to reverse search for your phone, too! So these two items covered all three of the commonly misplaced items (as long as one of the items was in his hands). We haven’t had to use them for outside of the house purposes yet, but I’m sure it’ll be just as helpful with the app if that time should come.” —Carley

Get it from Tile for $24.99


A microwave pasta maker to bring you the glory of your favorite carbohydrate by literally just pressing a button on the microwave and walking away, so you don’t have to hover over a boiling pot listening to a podcast just to get your noodles on.


Promising review: “This is a fantastic product. I’ve been cooking for more than 50 years. Pasta has always been a simple go-to dinner for me. Tending to the boiling pot of pasta was just part of the process. I’ve been getting tired of cooking as I’ve aged. This simple little microwave pasta cooker has simplified cooking so much more than I could have imagined. Seems silly, but it’s kinda like a little miracle. No more toting a heavy pot to the stove. No more pouring pasta and boiling water into a colander. It’s simple, lightweight, and foolproof. You’ll never regret buying this. I suggest buying the larger size to have more portion options.” —Winky

Get it from Amazon for $16.98.


A dry shampoo spray that helps absorb excess oil and give your roots so much oomph that you won’t have to come up with some elaborate hairdo to hide them (or go through the whole shebang of washing your hair again).

Promising review: “This literally changed my life. I was one of those people who used to complain about needing to wash my hair DAILY. I have thin, light blonde hair. I looked greasy and unkempt after one day, not even taking into consideration working out or sweating. But now?! A whole new world. I shampoo my hair in the shower on Sundays, just rinse my hair in the shower after days I do high-intensity sweaty exercise (three to five days per week), and use this in my hair every morning. It fluffs it, gives it volume, and makes it look brand new. I honestly can’t believe how much this changed everything. Now my hair can look smooth and straight because I don’t need to wash, dry, then straighten every morning (what a time suck!). Now I just straighten and use dry shampoo. I’ve used the extra time in mornings to improve my makeup routine, take my dog on longer walks, etc. AND I look more put together at work. Get this stuff. Conserve water. Never look back.” —Eemn83

Get it from Amazon for $9.38.

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Pssst — Batiste also sells dry shampoos for specific hair colors and in different scents!


An eyebrow tint to semi-permanently dye your brow hairs for up to six weeks, helping either fill them in or to dye over gray hairs just as effectively as a salon tint would — a lot of reviewers swapped this for doing brow makeup completely, saving a whole step in their morning routine.

Promising review: “Saved me so much money! I used to get my brows tinted every three to four weeks at my friend’s salon and loved the way they looked but didn’t love paying $20 each time. I bought this kit and have managed to tint my brows four times with just one capsule and they look great! I also used it to dye my boyfriend’s mustache for a costume and it looked pretty good!” —Anna

Get it from Amazon for $12.95 (available in four colors).


A mini steamer for your clothes that heats up in literally a minute and a half, so you can skip the lengthy process of pulling out the iron and ironing board and being mega careful not to burn anything.

Promising review: “Love this little steamer! For the price, you can’t beat it. I use it almost daily. My old one was a different brand and would randomly quit in the middle of steaming and need to heat up again. This one has not done that at all, keeps going strong day after day.” —LoveLeoCustomCrafts

Get it from Amazon for $27.97.

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A necklace-detangling clasp so you can layer your favorite pieces over an outfit the exact way you want them without having to pull them apart like bickering siblings every morning and night.

Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

Theresa Rose is a California-based Etsy shop established in 2007 that specializes in custom birthstone and personalized jewelry gifts.

Kayla Suazo, an editor here at BuzzFeed, tried these out and loved ’em: “I recently bought a couple of these and had one of those very real, WHY DIDN’T I BUY ONE OF THESE SOONER moments. They do an amazing job at keeping your necklaces from tangling as you wear them, and I love that I can layer multiple of my favorites at once. I am forever sold on these.”

Get it from Theresa Rose on Etsy for $12.49+ (available in gold and silver, and with two, three, or four clasps).


A nifty Beard Bib that suctions itself to the mirror and helps trap beard hairs before they hit the floor, saving you the time and effort of collecting the hair that missed the sink every morning.


Promising review: “Finally bought this for my husband and I’m not sure why I waited so long. He would always shave over a towel, ball the towel up to ‘clean it up when he got home from work,’ forget to tell me, and then I’d see it on the bathroom floor or counter, pick it up to throw it in the washer (unaware of what surprise was inside), and beard hair would go EVERYWHERE. My husband can fully shave and then he basically has a full beard again three days later, so this happened more times than I’d like to admit. PEOPLE, DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR AND BUY THIS NOW!” —Ashley Flaga

Get it from Amazon for $16.99.


A Lay-n-Go cosmetic bag – it fans out to become a mat, saving you both the time of poking through your cabinets to find your beauty prods *and* the hassle of putting them all back when you’re done.

Lay-n-Go / YouTube / Via

Promising review: “I was tired of fumbling around in my cosmetics case and saw this. I was skeptical, but…WOW! On my recent two-week trip to Europe, with constant laying out and packing up, this item was wonderful. I could find what I wanted quickly, right away. Packing up was just a matter of pulling the drawstring. At first I wasn’t sure about changing to this bag, but now I could not do without it.” —Mojosharkey

Get it from Amazon for $26.95 (available in 12 colors).


A delightfully colorful shortcut keyboard cover so you can easily navigate through (and discover brand new!!) hacks for tricky programs like Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, and more instead of typing “how-tos” into Google every two minutes.

Chic Geeks

Chic Geeks is a Black woman–owned tech accessory company that specializes in the “reintroduction of color and personalization” to bring back the nostalgia of colorful tech infused with modern devices.

Promising review: “I bought this keyboard cover as a gift for my niece who uses Final Cut Pro often. She absolutely loves it and discovered new shortcuts for editing. It’s totally worth the money.” —Staci Rutherford

Get it from Chic Geeks: the Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts cover for $20 and the Final Cut Pro X Shortcuts cover for $20 (both available in most MacBook models and sizes).

Psst — you can check out MORE shortcut laptop keyboard covers on Chic Geeks’ site!


A compact Dash air fryer that’s *perfect* for quickie meals and side dishes — reviewers love that there’s no waiting to preheat and no oil required, so the instant you think to yourself, “Hmm, maybe I want to add some roasted Brussels sprouts!!” your wish is its command.

Promising review: “Best addition to our kitchen in a long time. For the price you can’t beat this. It is definitely a one- or two-person item, so if you have a family buy a bigger one. Fries and tots in 15 minutes and no preheat!!! Even cookie dough in a matter of minutes! Love it!” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $47.14+ (available in four colors). 


A fume-free oven cleaner to save you scrubbing time by loosening up all the stains and gunk overnight. It’s gentle enough that you don’t need protective gloves to use it, but tough enough that it’ll erase the evidence of all your baking misadventures.

Promising review: “Oh man, this stuff is awesome! I sprayed and left it on overnight. I had no idea what to expect. I took a paper towel and started wiping out the oven. The grime just melted away. It was awesome! I am VERY pleased!” —Ksgirl

Get it from Amazon for $7.02,


A set of Bottle Bright tablets so you can tackle all those stains on your bottles and travel mugs in a flash, then have leftover tablets to clean ’em all over again when the day inevitably comes.

People also use these on their coffee makers and electric kettles, if you’ve noticed an unsightly sludge buildup on those, too!

Promising review: “I seriously can’t believe how well these little tablets work. I had the most disgusting Hydro Flask coffee mug; I tried everything — bottle brush, different kinds of soap, vinegar, EVERYTHING — and there was still a seemingly impenetrable layer of black sludge inside. It grossed me out so much that I bought ANOTHER Hydro Flask to replace it. Eventually they both got black inside, so I tried these little magic tablets. I let a tablet sit in each of my mugs for an hour or two, and the black sludge rinsed out COMPLETELY, without even scrubbing. They look brand new. What a magical product. No weird smell or taste afterward, either. I liked it so much that I used it on another Hydro Flask I use primarily to hold my Bloody Mary mix in the fridge. I couldn’t put anything else in it because it would always taste like spicy tomato juice. Bottle Bright to the rescue! No residual smell or taste anymore. AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING.” —Amazon Customer

Get a set of six from Amazon for $8.


An avocado slicer to not only make slicing so easy and fast every time, but also make it so ~aesthetically pleasing~ that you won’t be able to resist the siren song of posting it to Instagram.

This three-in-one tool can split an avocado with its pointy tip, remove the pit with its center, and make perfectly even slices with the bottom — a much safer alternative to using a regular knife and potential falling prey to the dreaded “avocado hand.

Promising review: “Avocado? Yes, Please! This tool is awesome. Easy to cut open the fruit. Pit remover works well, just push onto the pit and give it a twist, and the pit pops right out. The best part is the slicer. Makes beautiful slices for a great presentation. The tool can then be used to scrape any remaining fruit out of the skin. Really happy I bought this tool!” —NPR Man

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.


An eight-pack of ready-to-eat refried beans with a 12-month shelf life, so anytime you look down at a dish and think, “Hmm, this needs a little extra ~oomph~,” you’ll have a delicious option you can heat up 60 seconds flat.


A Dozen Cousins is a San Francisco–based, Black-owned small business that specializes in 100% plant-based food and provides an annual grant and volunteer support to nonprofits working to eliminate socioeconomic health disparities in the US.

Each of these packs comes with four packs of black beans and four packs of pinto beans, which can be heated up in the microwave in 60 seconds.

Promising review: “What a great, convenient, healthy meal solution! I used the Cuban Black Beans in a breakfast bowl with scrambled eggs and they were an awesome addition. So easy to heat up in the microwave in their pouch and mix right in with the rest of my bowl. I’ll definitely order these again to help me save time on my meal prep. I can feel really good about this company’s social mission to help families in underserved communities eat well!” —Amy

Get an eight-pack from Amazon for $29.99.


A super-soft Makeup Eraser to wipe makeup right off your face like a human whiteboard, using nothing but water and a gentle scrub. I’ve been using one for about a year now and it has *drastically* cut down my routine (and saved money on makeup remover!)., Amazon

It’s got two sides — one that can wipe off all your makeup with water and a light scrubbing, and another that exfoliates your skin. Plus, all you have to do when you’re done using it is wet it and hang it up to dry! No more wasting money on icky washcloths that hurt your skin!!! I can hear your pores singing from here.

Promising review: “This did exactly what it claims to do, I use some warm water on a little part and my whole makeup comes off, even mascara! I used to always buy makeup wipes and this has saved me so much money. I just throw it in with the laundry and it’s perfect. I’ve been using it for over six months now and it hasn’t failed me at all, it’s worth the money!!” —Sharmin Rahman

Get it from Amazon for $18.20 (available in nine colors).


A pretty pastel mug warmer to prevent all those mid-morning trips to the microwave when you inevitably let your coffee go cold after your dog distracts you in the morning by being so darn cute.


Promising review: “I researched so many coffee warmers and am so glad I decided on this one. It definitely keeps my coffee hot, no matter how long it takes me to drink it. I also like that it has three settings. As you drink down your coffee, you can lower the heat because it keeps the coffee very hot. I like it so much I ordered a second one for another part of the house.” —hottytoddy

Get it from Amazon for $23.99+ (clip the “$3 off” coupon on the product page for this price; available in six colors).


A satin-lined Hairbrella that’s got your back winter, spring, summer, and fall — it protects your hair against rain, snow, humidity, and pretty much anything else Mother Nature can throw at you, so you don’t have to spend an extra 10 minutes staring out the window waiting for the rain to die down before you leave your house.

Hairbrella, Hairbrella/YouTube

Hairbrella is a Black-owned small business established in 2016 that specializes in hats combining fashion and function to protect against all types of weather.

Promising review: “I never carry an umbrella cause they’re too bulky, so when I saw the Hairbrella I was so excited. It keeps my hair dry and my curls nicely quaffed, rather than me looking like I stuck my fingers in a light socket. I’m telling everyone I know about it, it’s an amazing alternative to those wide-brimmed hats or a briefcase LOL! Truly it’s never going to leave my side from now on! I definitely recommend it.” —Gina C.

Get it from Amazon for $40 or Hairbrella for $39.99 (available in five colors).

When these products save you so much time that you’ve earned yourself a lil’ nap:


Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

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