February 21, 2024


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A Guide To Stylish Ear Stacking

Ear stacking is one particular of the most recent manner and accent trends and is only established to come to be even additional well-known. Ear stacking is all about curating your own seem by combining various earrings, these kinds of as hoops, huggies, studs and clickers to build your personal personalised earring design and style.

Generally worn on one particular ear as a statement, there are several distinctive piercings that you can get as a way of customising and styling your ear stack and, when it will come to earrings, there is no conclude to the distinctive models and kinds you can pick out from and, with earring cuffs, you really do not even require to get the piercings to make the most of this style tendencies.

Let us get a seem at a guideline of how to build a stylish ear stack and how to style from working day to day.

Figuring out The Distinct Piercings

Ear sacks use distinct ear piercings to develop a customized glimpse and, if you’re looking to extend your ear stack selection, you’re almost certainly seeking to add a pair of new piercings, but in which to start out? Let’s consider a seem at some of the unique piercings you can get to curate your individual ear stack.


A lobe piercing is almost certainly the initial piercing you will get and, as the title suggests, the piercing will be on your lobe or further up your lobe (for a next or 3rd piercing). Lobe piercings are one particular of the least distressing to get, which is why so several folks start out with this 1! Therapeutic time for lobe piercings is about 4-8 months.

Higher Lobe

As very well as your ear lobe, you also have the higher lobe where the lobe will get thinner and is accompanied with cartilage. Upper lobe piercings are generally near to the edge and are not a hugely common piercing as earring decision is diminished due to the positioning.


A helix piercing is situated on the upper quadrant of the ear and is ordinarily positioned pretty shut to the edge of your ear, in which the ear makes a lip. The cartilage in this spot is quite thin, so the piercing can be rather painless when accomplished with a needle, with the therapeutic time having all over 8-18 months.


Conch piercings are situated on the curved dome in your ear. Conch piercings are thought of to be one of the much more agonizing piercings, but as the region is very substantial, it seems great when sporting conch jewelry as a statement addition to an ear stack. It can consider involving 3-8 months for this piercing to heal.


A rook piercing is positioned near to the interior ridge of the ear cartilage, parallel with the outer ear rim. A rook piercing involves thick cartilage and can be somewhat much more agonizing, but supplies a ton of choices when it arrives to styling. Therapeutic time is all-around 4-10 months.


A daith piercing hugs the cartilage on the within of the ear and is very a difficult piercing thanks to the site. As daith cartilage thickness differs from man or woman to man or woman, some people may perhaps find that they’re not appropriate for a daith piercing.

Mixing Two Metals

Generally, it was a massive no-no when combining two distinctive metals as element of your jewelry assortment, but with ear stacks, you really don’t have to stick to just a single metal. Check out mixing up gold and silver items to generate that more glow and to create your individual ear stacking design. If you are stacking some gold huggies in your lobe piercings, why not incorporate a adorable silver stud at the top of your ear? Or, if you are all about silver assertion parts, a few of gold earring chains can seriously elevate your ear seem!

Earring Chains

Talking of earring chains, these statement pieces are a new type staple when creating your really very own ear stack. They are a will have to have in any jewellery selection, specially if you are wanting to generate an eye-catching stack. Mix earring chains with hoops, studs, huggies or even another chain for a darin appear. Basically don dangling in one piercing, or snake by numerous piercings to include an edgy added.

The Each day Stack

For an each day stack which is acceptable for get the job done, dwelling or even just working errands, then you want to decide on items that are dainty and uncomplicated which will go with your look, no subject the outfit. For each day stacks, you may want to pick earrings that are all one metal so that it does not deviate as well a great deal from your outfit choice and decide on simple steel jewellery, with just a single or two parts with a minor color or dazzle. Huggie hoop earrings, studs and flatbacks are terrific possibilities for every day stacking earrings. Stick to all around 3-4 pieces and there you have it – the fantastic day to day stack!

Photo by Daihana Monares on Unsplash.