June 17, 2024


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Clothing and its Effect on Our Bodies

The impact of toxic chemicals in clothing on our bodies? - Explore with  Irina | Sustainable Fashion & Conscious Living

While we may assume that clothes can only protect our bodies from exposure to dangerous elements or chemicals, clothing in itself affects our skin and health to the degree that we never thought possible. Therefore, avoiding toxic fabrics used in clothing production can benefit your health immensely. Furthermore, you can read online about the best shops and how to find clothing that will reduce long-term skin irritation and toxins entering your body. In light of this, Sagefinds is a smart online clothing and home living store that offers clothing with safe fabrics to suit your health while providing a wide range of products to choose from.

How does Clothing Affect our Skin?

On a broad scale, the more processed a product is, the more dangers it has to consumption. Notably, many fabrics can be harmful to our skin’s health. For example, allergic skin irritation often results from materials used with tanning agents, dyes, formaldehyde finishing agents, and chemical additives during clothing production. For instance, clothing labeled as wrinkle-free is produced with formaldehyde which links to eye and nose irritation. Additionally, you can develop a skin condition such as Folliculitis, which causes inflammation of your body’s hair follicles. However, it generally occurs in general friction or irritation, such as shaving or rubbing clothing. Furthermore, you might spread the skin condition through towels, razors, or even your shower. Moreover, fabrics have irritants that make us prone to eczema and psoriasis conditions.

The Health Dangers of Clothing

As commonly proven with studies, the health dangers linked to the average human generally result from toxins found in fabrics or the chemical input used for clothing production. That makes cautious shopping for clothing no joke at all. Accordingly, the health dangers of clothing relate closely to disorders of the heart, lungs, or kidney and are linked to neurotoxicity. Therefore, our clothing choices must depend on the risk of health dangers to our bodies to help us live a healthier lifestyle that can only benefit our future health. Other potentially hazardous chemicals used in clothing production consist of the following:

  • Dimethylformamide in acrylic fabrics
  • Nanosilver used for Antimicrobial clothing
  • Phthalates used for waterproof clothing
  • Azo dyes in colorful clothing

5 Ways Your Clothes are Killing You

Perhaps you have already heard that pain is beauty or beauty is pain. However, the saying goes as verifiable. Your clothing may have dangerous effects on your body that you are not even aware of, or maybe you are aware, and you choose to endure the pain. Whatever the case may be, we have all made stylish sacrifices for the sake of looking good rather than considering the effects it has on our health. In light of this, a few causes of your clothing causing harm to you may be due to your clothes being too tight, your shoes not having enough support, your fabrics not being able to breathe, and the dye in your clothing being toxic.

What Are The Healthiest Clothes to Wear?

Many researchers and clothing experts found a collection of safe and healthy clothes for everyone to wear. In light of this, buying smart clothes made with safe fabrics and materials makes for a better world around us. We also have the power to inspire and define eco-fashion as recognizing the widespread environmental impact on products and contributing to sustainable consumption. Moreover, dermatologists and sustainable production experts describe natural fibers such as organic cotton, silk, organic wool, and cashmere as the best to put on your skin.