July 19, 2024


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Five Small Safes Perfect for Any Family

When looking at small safes for your home, you should choose one that would be far more than a standard cupboard that stands in the cellar or concealed behind a picture. Good small safe manufacturers will always ensure that the design safes which can fit and blend well in all types of rooms in a home allowing the owner of the safe to be able to gain access to his/her valuable conveniently.
Most people tend to buy small safes in order to provide maximum security and protection to some of their valued goods at home. However, a good safe is not only about providing security and protection, but should also have an elegant blending function and a form with individuality while still being able providing security at uncompromising levels for the private belongings of the buyer. A few small safe manufacturers such as Stockinger manage to design such beautiful safes that offer high levels of customized security while also maintaining style and grace.
Choosing a small safe that will be a perfect match for your family’s requirements can be quite difficult. You need to ensure that the safe will be able to provide the ultimate peace of mind while still combining beauty and convenience. Below are some of the top five small safes that are perfect for any family.

1. Cube Safe.

The cube safe is perfect for anyone who is looking to buy a safe for homes or yachts. Despite its reduced size, this small safe comes with all the security features of the manufacturer’s first class lines. The outer walls of the cube safe are practically impenetrable and consist of 5cm armor made of some of the hardest steel in the world and corundum stone. Some cube safe designs such as the ones from Stockinger also feature a patented stocktronic locking system with an 8-digit code that is used to open the safe and an integrated IT interface that allows the owner of the safe to trigger a silent alarm in the event of an incident.

2. Isis Safe.

The Isis safe offer perfect and elegant protection that is well suited for watches and jewelry collection. It fits extremely well in bedrooms and dressing rooms. It has also been designed to be very easy to operate and use thanks to the keypad located on top of it. The Isis can come finished in an infinite number of paints, lacquers, artificial or natural surfaces. Some manufacturers also use marble and natural finishes when designing the safe and some can have the appearance of different types of wood grains such as ebony, mahogany, or Makassar. The Isis safe can come with or without a plinth.

3. Arnage Safe.

The Arnage safe is an elaborate watch safe which normally comes equipped with state of the art watch winders in order to provide exceptional timepieces. Manufacturers have been integrating watch winder technologies into safes for over 20 years as watch collectors from all over the world prefer to use these reliable services. The Arnage safe utilizes watch winder technology enabling it to run almost without any noise while also providing a very long and maintenance free life. The design of the safe reflects traditional craftsmanship qualities and techniques and the choice of materials also display the high quality and finishing that is evident in all safes designed by top manufacturing companies such as Stockinger.

4. Chimera Safe.

The Chimera safe is a safe that represents solid, immovable security and it is mostly built into private studies at homes. The safe can come with up to 16 drawers and has a height of 130 cm and a volume of approximately 185 liters offering a generous amount of space capable of fitting plenty of watches, jewelry, documents, cash, and other important valuables. The Chimera safe looks particularly good when designed with unusual surfaces such as mahogany varnish.

5. Phoenix Safe.

The Phoenix safe is among one of the larger models of safes designed to fit at home. It has a height of 150cm and a volume of 360 liters and is ideal for larger collections of watches or jewelry that require being stored conveniently in a clearly arranged manner. The safe features up to 70 individual watch winders which can be configured individually making it a very functional, elegant, and highly secure safe for storing valuable watch and jewelry collections. It also comes with an imposing appearance and unrivaled reinforcement capable of ensuring that burglars do not stand any chance of gaining access into the safe.