June 17, 2024


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Men’s Fashion: Choose your Watch Correctly

You can never buy a watch any old how! More than a simple accessory that provides the time, it is an extension of your style. It can tell a great deal about your tastes and your personality. Thus, you have to make sure to choose the perfect model according to some specific criteria!The shape, the size, the materials…, every detail is important. Here is everything you need to know to choose the right wrist watch for you!

The Design of the Watch

To find the model that will fit you best, the first parameter that must be taken into account is the style. It determines the overall appearance of the watch. And although the accessory has the primary function of being useful, it remains an important fashion objectthat can express yourselfon an aesthetic level. A watch should not be chosen at random, and that is exactly why brands offer severalchoices in terms of design. Roman numerals, Latin numerals, simple traits… those are essential but what is particularlyprimordial is the article’s style! Round, oval, rectangular or square, choose the shape that matches your taste the most.

The mechanism of the Watch

To choose the right watch, you must also know that there are several types of mechanism. This is called movement. The watch movement represents all the pieces that allow it to function correctly. In some way, we can call it its heart. Several types of movements are available and each of them participates in its own way to give a soul to the watch! The Quartz movement is the most commonon the market. It functions with a battery. On the other hand, the mechanical movement is the result of a real technical and artisan prowess. It makes the watches work without any battery.Every Swiss made automatic chronograph ften incorporate this technology. You can also choose a hybrid or a connected model according to your preferences and needs.

The Materials of the Watch

Paying attention to the materials used for the manufacturing of a watch is the best way to determine its quality and its resistance over time. If this is a criterion that you can control in part since you can freely choose your favorite strap (leather, metal, rubber, braided nylon, etc.) or the type of dial you like the most, the choice of the glass will however be imposed. For that, opt for a sapphire crystal which is the best one.You can also choose the material of the case, the dial and the bezel as you wish. Nowadays, the most fashionable materials are wood, stainless steel and noble metals such as titanium, platinum or even gold. But of course, they will rise the prices of the watches.