July 18, 2024


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Most Popular Danish Companies Selling iPhones Online?

You know you will be getting your money’s worth with an iPhone because of its undeniable array of high-level sophisticated features. These include luxury qualities like 3D Touch, Taptic Engine, satellite phone emergency calling functionality, and so on which the newest models have to offer. Not many well-known mobile devices come with such awesome compactness.

I was able to pick five of the most popular companies selling iPhones online in Denmark based on the Danish company reviews from a trusted site. You can get new and refurbished products from the following stores:


What better eCommerce store to get an iPhone in Denmark from than that of the brand that designs and markets the device? Apple has physical stores in many countries across the globe, but not in Denmark. It is only right that their online store is accessible to people in the country.

Apple’s Danish online store is selling recent models of the iPhone as well as those of the iPad, Apple Watch, and various other accessories released by the company. Customers in Denmark are even allowed to book a session with an Apple Genius at the Genius Bar.

An Apple Genius renders professional support services relating to inquiries and issues with Apple products. He or she gives advice and hands-on tech support to customers who visit the Genius Bar. Most of the services offered by these experts are free.

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Elgiganten is another one of the most well-known online shops selling iPhones in the Danish territory. Although they offer a vast range of other consumer electronics such as game consoles, TV sets, and audio devices. Rest assured that you will find the most recent Apple device models in stock at this store. iPhone cases are available as well to protect and adorn your chosen device.


Bilka has a chain of hypermarkets in Denmark, but they also run an online store that caters to people in the country. This may be the website for you if shopping for an iPhone through a mobile device or PC conveniently is your preference.

You may decide to shop for other Apple products—from AirPods to Apple Watches—because this eCommerce store stocks all that the brand has to offer. Bilka offers models as old as the iPhone XR.


Buy professionally refurbished iPhones at the Swappie online store. You can even sell your old-model iPhone and use the money to buy a more recent (refurbished) model on the site. It is also great for those on a budget wanting a brand-new iPhone. Simply sell your old device and add the money to your savings for a new one. Swappie offers renewed models as old as the iPhone 8.


Shoppers of new iPhones can get theirs from Telia as well. The company deals in telecommunications and mobile network operation, but they also sell smartphones from various brands including Apple. You will find models ranging from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 14 series. And there are always promotional offers for the holiday seasons like Christmas.

The above list of Danish companies will help you narrow down your search for the best online store to shop at for an iPhone. You will discover that some of the companies have better sales offerings for shoppers than others. So you should watch out for their promotions or discount offers, especially during the holidays.

Keep in mind that Apple’s iPhone SE (3rd), 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max are the models that were released in 2022 and they are still on sale. The iPhone 13 and 13 Mini have not been discontinued.