October 1, 2023


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NAJO Guides | Differences between Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold & Rose – Najo


Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver has been utilized in the creation of jewellery as early as the 12th Century, a tender, nevertheless beautiful metal that can be shaped, shaped and hammered in a multitude of ways. So, why decide Sterling Silver? Typically, Sterling Silver is stamped or Hallmarked 925, pure Silver would be too tender for jewellery and is generally blended with alloy factors such as zinc, copper or palladium. This usually means that 92.5% of the jewelry piece while the remaining 7.5% is alloy. The 925 hallmark is a fantastic way to discover if the jewellery piece you are getting is Sterling Silver. Every single piece crafted by NAJO is hallmarked, ensuring a stunning, good quality jewellery piece to appreciate for a life span.

“Sterling Silver is a lovely, and economical important metal that will hardly ever, if ever, go out of type. It’s the fantastic substitute to foundation-steel dress-jewellery pieces such as brass or copper. Even better is that Sterling Silver is Hypo-allergenic, just about every piece of NAJO jewellery is Nickel-free and arrives with a decades warranty from working day of obtain. Not only timeless design and style, but a wonderful solution too.”

– Anna, Products Developer


Yellow Gold

A beautifully, buttery treasured metal, Yellow Gold is the excellent way to action up your jewellery sport. As Sterling Silver’s lavish older sibling, yellow gold can creep up in selling price. But what if you want to indulge on a price range? Yellow gold plating is the great balance in between affordability and including luxurious to your jewelry box. Gold plating jewelry is a course of action the place a layer of metal is coated more than yet another metal. Every single gold piece at NAJO is Sterling Silver with a 14 karat gold plating, making certain craftsmanship at every move of the approach. 

Rose Gold

Rose gold is not also dissimilar from yellow gold, rose gold is a outcome of including copper to yellow gold – supplying it a beautiful, rosy glow that we all know and love. Rose gold is a amazing substitute to Sterling Silver and Yellow gold, if you like to dress in a thing a bit distinct, rose gold is the precious steel for you.


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