June 17, 2024


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SantaCruz Shredder Review

If we talk about weed grinder, one in the top list is the Santa Cruz Shredder when it comes to performance. It is currently one of the most popular weed grinder if you look throughout the internet for any other Santa Cruz Shredder review, but does it really deserve its title? What factors should be considered when we look for weed grinder? The design is most definitely not enough basis to know how weed grinder performs. We shall know as we give you details.


When you use a Santa Cruz Shredder, you will know how it can really achieve your desired output unlike any other herb grinders. This particular weed grinder is the best even if you compare it to any other acrylic grinder, pair of scissors or even a generic 4-piece aluminum grinder, which most Santa Cruz Shredder review will definitely agree. It is a weed grinder that grinds finely the bud of weed and is exceptional in this field. Since grinding is very important when it comes to vaporizing, this one really makes the deal. The way this weed grinder grinds is unique among others because of how fine it grinds well in the shortest amount of time. The tooth design of this particular grinder is now only for mashing the bud but will fluff it as well. This makes it an efficient weed grinder.


The way it is made with an aluminum makes this weed grinder the best among its kind. Its anodized finish will make the grinder have the unpeel-able surface which makes its durability a notch. With this, it is durable with tooth damage, thread damage and as well as scratches. Its chamber is connected to bottom chamber through extra-fine stainless steel mesh screen. This screen allows smallest pollen particles to fall through in the screen which can be saved in the future as well.

The assembly of the grinder even if you look for other Santa Cruz Shredder review is great. It comes in great combination of magnets to connect both the chambers well even if you will not hold both compartments.


The good thing about Santa Cruz Shredder is how it feels good in the hand. It comes in different sizes, colors and its compositions are in diversity as well. The combination that you can come up with is numerous. Its sizing chart is as follows:

  • 1 ⅝ diameter – Mini
  • 2 ⅛ diameter – Small
  • 2 ¾ diameter – Large
  • 4 diameter – Jumbo (2-piece only)


Santa Cruz Shredder has an extra feature. It has triangular plastic pick that will help you loosen any stuck bud in the chamber of the weed grinder which is not offered by other grinders. This pick will help scoop the residue from the center.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! In this Santa Cruz Shredder review, we presented the several factors that should be considered when it comes to picking the best weed grinder. All of these factors are the best features of Santa Cruz Shredder. The good thing about Santa Cruz Shredder is how it is made to exceed the expectation of others.