June 17, 2024


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Simple Ways to Put the Gap on Top of Your Kitchen Cabinets to Good Use

A Place for Decorative Items

1. Your Finest Crockery

You can use the gap above your kitchen cabinets to store those pieces of tableware that you seldomĀ use or various decorative items. Why hide away your best crockery? Whenever you’ll want to use these decorative items, you’ll have easy access to them, rather than needing to dig deep into your cupboards. This arrangement is beautiful and practical at the same time.

2. A Mini Art Gallery

If the gap above your cabinets is high enough, you can put it to good use by displaying all your beautiful art pieces that don’t have their own place already. From framed prints and canvases to sculpture and other craft works, these items can become the central point of your kitchen, an element that seamlessly integrates with your kitchen design.

3. One of Your Favourite Collections

Are you a collector of ornamental jugs by Silver and Pewter Gifts, die-cast vehicles or lead soldiers? You can use your kitchen to showcase your passion. Display these items above your kitchen cabinets to keep them out of the reach of inquisitive children or guests while allowing them to be seen and admired by everybody.

As Extra Storage Space

1. Boxes And Baskets

You can use the gap on top of your kitchen cabinets as extra storage by placing there some stylish baskets and boxes. In this way, you’ll benefit from extra storage without altering the design of your kitchen. For your convenience, use this space to store infrequently used items.

2. Cookbooks

Many of us seem not to have enough cookbooks, hence our desire to acquire new ones on a regular basis. There are two things you can do with this impressive collection of cookbooks: get rid of them or display them. Why not use the space above your kitchen cabinets to display your cookbook collection?

3. Wine Storage

Very few kitchens offer enough wine storage space, particularly if you enjoy collecting exquisite wine bottles. You can store your extra wine bottles by installing racks in the gap on top of your kitchen cabinets. This solution has the extra benefit of looking great.

Dare to Think Outside the Box

1. Greenery

Use this gap to bring a bit of nature inside your kitchen by using trailing plants. Since this spot usually benefits from plenty of sunlight, you won’t need to go out of your way to care for these plants. Besides, you can choose fake greenery to make your kitchen look fresh without hassle. Thanks to advanced materials, fake greenery can look as natural and as fresh as the real stuff.

2. Lighting

Although this solution involves a certain effort, the result will be well worth it. Install uplighting to make this area the focal point of the kitchen. Look at commercial outdoor lighting spring tx website for more infpormation. Play around with colours or intelligent lighting systems for an enhanced effect. Seek inspiration in home decor magazines or on social media networks such as Pinterest and Instagram.

3. Do Nothing Until Christmas!

You don’t need to do anything if you don’t want it. Just leave the gap alone if this suits you best. You may want to use this space during Christmas to place lights, festive branches or your favourite Christmas tree toys.

For Your Next DIY Project

1. Install an Additional Shelf

If the gap height allows, you may want to install an additional shelf, so that you can use this space to the full. Should you intend to use it for storing frequently used items, you’ll probably need to buy a stepping stool or a small ladder.

2. Fill the Gap

If you don’t need extra storage but you still hate the gap, box it off and paint it in the same colour as your kitchen wall or in a colour matching the design of your kitchen cabinets. Any of these solutions should mask this gap effectively, enabling you to achieve the look you want.

3. Move Your Cabinets Down

You can gain more storage space above your kitchen cabinets by moving them down. Beware, though, this is a big DIY project. If things have gone this far, it may already be time for a full kitchen refit!