October 1, 2023


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Stone Setting Tips from Master Stone Setter Scott McIntyre (podcast episode) — Jewellers Academy

with Scott McIntyre

Stone setting is a hard method to learn, but when you study it well, it produces so many new chances. In this episode, grasp stone setter and Vanilla Ink founder Scott McIntyre discusses a few distinctive kinds of stone configurations, the procedures and instruments essential to do them properly, and other suggestions for developing this elaborate skill set. He also shares a preview of some of the substance we’ll cover in the State-of-the-art Jewellery Diploma and describes what resources you will have to have for the programme. 

Episode Description:

  • In this episode, we’ll be speaking about stone placing with Scott McIntyre (:50)

  • What is stone placing? (3:07)

  • Why is it crucial to maintain striving even when you come to feel you’re not great at this skill? (9:23)

  • How do you know what equipment to use when? (13:15)

  • What are some of the various procedures persons use for pavé environment? (18:05)

  • What are rigidity and channel configurations? (23:17)

  • How do you observe techniques when materials are so highly-priced? (28:13)

  • Can you speak about the toolkit you’ve developed for the state-of-the-art diploma? (36:03)

  • How do you allow your perfectionism assist you as a substitute of obtaining discouraged by it? (41:21)

  • How to learn much more or hook up with Scott (47:33)


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“Stone Setting” by Scott McIntyre

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