July 14, 2024


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The Benefits to Online Grocery Shopping

The Benefits to Online Grocery Shopping

As they say every action has an opportunity cost, which is why we take a moment before making any decision. There are a lot of factors that we consider while making a decision before we buy stuff. Most of these factors include time and money. Online grocery shopping is a task that generally involves decision making factors such as time because most people either don’t have time to shop for groceries or they don’t want to stand in a long queue and then opt for purchasing goods online.

Chennai is such a place where, online grocery shopping first emerged to offer fruits and vegetables in 2009 with the name of VeggiBazaar.com. The VeggiBazaar.com founder R. K. Venkatesan started this business of online retail when Hewlett Packard had just begun to feel the effects of recession in the form of salary cuts. It was no later than two years that entrepreneurs, Ajeet Kumar and Rajesh Joseph, based in Chennai, founded their first online retail business and also the first online retail for Chennai called Stork that offered not only vegetables and fruits but a complete online grocery shopping website.

Stork has some leading features that include Quick Shop, Quick List and Order History.

Quick Shop – If you already have a shopping list and don’t want to waste time browsing then you can just type or paste your need in quick shop. It will provide you list of all items matching your requirements, one by one.

Quick List – In this list you can choose from the default list of items used in regular households.

Order History – You can view complete history of your old orders. Just one click and reorder the same list again. Also you can track your monthly spends.

Yet another city-based portal, Chennaionlinegrocery.com has been for around for five years. As quoted by the manager of Chennaionlinegrocery.com, this is a service that would make things available at people’s doorstep given the escalating fuel prices and busy lifestyle of people. It has about 200 members with a majority being people employed in the IT sector. Sometimes the provisions are even delivered to the workplaces. Chennaionlinegrocery gets their staff to personally pick up provisions from the stores and outlets.

Jihazoor which started in May 2011 another online grocery shopping website also has special offers and redeemable points and the products are priced below the original MRP.

Even though Chennai has a huge population online grocery shopping would prove to be a great endeavor because grocery shopping hasn’t made a significant contribution yet in India’s e-commerce sector known as the third largest sector in India. Still the business of online grocery shopping is at a budding stage and so there are a lot of old people, physically-challenged people and working couples who can benefit of this trend to shop online who find it difficult to get their grocery. The trend of online grocery shopping is yet to catch up in Chennai. Chennai has conservative people, which is why people want to see the products before buying them and therefore through time and proper awareness people will come to acknowledge this idea which seems novel right now.