March 4, 2024


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4 Core Factors Of A Buyers Persona

The more the things you know about your customers, the better you can do in communicating with them and escorting them right through your funnel. Creating a client avatar or buyer persona is basically the best and at the same time, simplest way to identify who your customers are.

Each and every single buyer persona looks different and unique depending to who has created it but, there are 4 core consistencies that should be taken into account.

Number 1. Demographic area – probably, demographic data is the easiest to find since it is everywhere. But not because it is easy to get, it does not mean that you could underestimate it. Sex, age, the place where they live, are they single or have family, marital status and anything that’s related to their personal life is what included in demographic data.
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Number 2. Values and goals – what we are really trying to figure out in values and goals is the things important to the buyers and to what they truly want out of life. Questions like what’s important to them in their professional and personal life, how they see success and to what kinds of cause they are supporting can a big help whether you believe it or not.
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Number 3. Frustrations and challenges – this is somewhat an interesting category since most instances, user’s frustration or challenges might not be related directly to the service or product offered but still, it is good information to have. Even if the service/product is not related directly, it is still possible to use this info in your marketing message as analogy or example to elicit response being looked out for.

Number 4. Sources of information – sources of info can tell you two different things and for one, it is providing us info regarding the dislikes and likes of customers which can be useful in creating marketing message and the other is knowing where to hang out in an effort to find others just like them.

So to give you an example, if you know that your perfect client is a business owner who likes reading local business journal, odds are that several other readers of business journal will be good customers too. When you have completed your funnel and you like to drive in more targeted traffic, a nice place to start would be in the local business journal. Another great example is if your perfect customer is a construction worker who enjoys listening to sports talk all day, you probably want to put your messages in that particular medium.