March 4, 2024


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The Essentials of Lifts – Revisited

Tips on Selecting the Best Home Stair Lift

Stair lifts are a good way to boost mobility and independence in one’s home and people that are disabled or the elderly have the most to benefit from using the stair lifts but if the home was not designed with access in mind the owner might need to make some modifications to include a stair lift in the model of the home. There are various types of stair lifts and even though there are many factors to consider when choosing the right home stair lift but the design of the stairway itself indicates the type of lift the person will need to be installed and whether it will be curved or straight.

Before selecting on the model the person needs to decide where they will install the stair lift and straight stairways can be mounted on either side of the stairway but curved stair lifts need to be customized which may necessitate an alteration in the structure that makes them more expensive to fix than straight lifts. It is good to note that professionally installed stair lifts will serve all the occupants of the house to serve them effectively while allowing for turns, curves and landings but with the market being flooded with many kinds of models thus choosing the right model chair lift can be a difficult task.

Design is one of the key things to consider because the most popular and well-known stair chair design that moves smoothly up and down the rail and these chairs come with armrests, seatbelts, foot rests and either manual or powered swivel seats. A known fact is that these lifts are custom made to include wheelchairs or they can be designed as perching models and some models even have adjustable seats, arms and footrests that can be quickly shifted to allow for smooth operation. It is good to state that the standing stair that is also known as the perch lift is a good choice for anyone with knee problems or is unable to sit down easily.
Lessons Learned About Lifts

It is amazing to note that the chair lift flexibility is another thing to look into because a good chair lift should be able to swivel away from the crest of the stairs to a suitable angle but some lifts do not rotate properly which makes it dangerous to step off the lift when it reaches the top of the stairs. There are some chairs only swing to right angles whereas others have a wider angle of movement that is much more convenient for the home but if the person is not sure about the need for the wider angle the person can consult a professional that can inspect the home and its staircase.Why No One Talks About Stairlifts Anymore