June 15, 2024


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What is the Difference Between Indian and Pakistani Wedding Dresses?

Here is a good question. What is the difference between traditional Pakistani wedding dresses and traditional Indian wedding dresses for a bride? Well both are impressive. The traditional wedding dresses worn by both countries are rich in red colour. It denotes love and happiness for the couple. The bride appears so elegant and beautiful and the colorful appearance just leaves one speechless.

Many of the features of the dress is minutely observed while making. These are made by professional designers. The material is mostly chiffon, silk and some brides also prefer cotton zari, georgette, or crape material. They have a lot of embroidery work done on them. This may be mirror, bead and cutwork. As for the designs there are many to choose from. The cost is very high depending on the material and design. Some times it is a hard decision to be made. It is not strange that family and friends often get involved in this decision and help the bride to chose an appropriate dress. Those with money to throw around spend a huge amount on a bridal dress. But one can buy a graceful dress at a very reasonable price. After all bride is considered to be the main attraction of her wedding.

A traditional wedding dress is a must for the bride of Indian or Pakistani wedding. These are mostly saris, gaghra choli, and salwar kameez. Brides are expected to have their faces hidden in the veil. Some muslim brides prefer to wear a burkah. Sometimes it can take not days but months to order, design and finish the dress. Indian and Pakistani wedding dresses are very different from other cultures.

The bride is supposed to wear gold, diamond and other jewellery. She wears a lot of make up too. Also it is desired for the bride to decorate her hand and feet with mehndi or henna. These are mostly floral patterns created by professional artists. If you ever attend these weddings you will realise that it was a memorable event indeed.

There is no difference between Indian and Pakistani wedding dresses.