April 16, 2024


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Which Are The Most Romantic Desserts You Can Get For Your Honey?

There is hardly one single person who doesn’t love to get spoiled in the mesmerizing world of sweets and desserts. The hardcore diet conscious people also melt away with the sumptuous display of sweets in front of them. It is okay to maintain a diet chart but on special occasions you can shed that famous inhibition (jokingly) and indulge yourself in sweets. Keep your diet a strict one, but release yourself when Diwali laddoos, Holi gujiyas, or Valentine Day cakes are in front of you. Here are some of the rich and famous desserts that you can consider to gift your lover when he/she is angry with you or to celebrate any special day.

Raspberry French Toast:

We Indians don’t really know the origin of this special breakfast recipe called French toast but we love to dip the bread slices in generous amount of eggs and spices and fry it. This raspberry French toast is the one where egg, milk, and cardamom powder are used to make the batter and once the bread slices are dipped into it, it is then fried in unsalted butter. Raspberry jam or preservative is spread nicely over each toast before serving it. If you want to skip the sweet breakfast, you can keep it in the dessert table for lunch or dinner.

Strawberries in syrup:

This one is the easiest to make as the ingredients are always present at home generally. Strawberries are dipped into a mixture of cognac and fruit brandy with some twists. Granulated sugar is mixed profusely with cream and a mixture of cognac and fruit brandy is also separately made. One just have to place the strawberries in a bowl and pour the liquid mixture first followed by cream. This one is a great dessert for lazy Sundays.

Chocolate pots:

The recipe of a chocolate pot is the same as a simple yet rich and creamy chocolate mousse. But the trick is before baking, you need to pour the mousse batter in designer small glasses or wine glasses. Pour the mixture in various designer glasses or wine glasses and refrigerate this overnight for an amazing surprise in the morning. Your loved ones are going to love this presentation of a rich and creamy chocolate mousse cake.

Twisted tale of chocolate cake:

Put one hot piece of chocolate cake and pour two scoops of vanilla ice-creams from over it. Prepare another mixture of dark rum, espresso, and sugar in ratio of 1: 1:0.5 and beat it well before pouring nicely over the cake. The whole sensation of bitter and sweet, hot and cold is going to mesmerize your darling for sure. The taste is something so heavenly that it cannot be explained. You may keep this nice recipe for your Valentine’s Day cake idea.

With these innovative desserts, your honey is going to gift you something really romantic.