July 14, 2024


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Winter Wear for Men: Take Your Pick

Winter Wear for Men: Take Your Pick

When it comes to following the latest fashion trends, men are not far behind the fairer sex. The new metro sexual man is stylish, suave yet retaining that touch of masculinity that makes every girl’s eyes flutter. After all, what’s better than a MAN who knows how to clean up well. With fall just round the corner, there is definitely more than just pullovers for a man to don. In fact, there are a lot of options that boys could play with, experiment a little, mix and match and come out with flying colors, quite literally!

Well, for starters, there’s nothing like the classic pullover. Wear one over a pair of denims and you’re done for the day. Additionally, there’s no such clothing that aids in flaunting the man’s shoulders than a V-Neck. But there’s lots more to the plain, old simple sweaters. A polo neck sweater comes in handy for both a business meeting as well as a casual day out. There’s the zipped pullover which you could wear over a shirt and you’re ready. In fact, this look could even make you chuck the coat and tie at office for once. Then there are the cardigans and the collared sweaters, if you’re looking for something different. The sleeveless pullovers over a crisp shirt also make a man look like a million bucks.

Pullovers do the trick for both pre-fall and high fall according to the fabric. But if it’s something light and easy that you’re looking for, then sweatshirts are the thing for you. Go for the hooded or the non-hooded ones in different colors to complete your winter look. Zipped reversible sweatshirts also seem to have become the latest fad. Since we’re on it, reversible windcheaters are no less in demand. The classic black windcheaters are also among the absolute favorites in winter wear for men.

When it comes to men’s winter wear absolute must haves, even jackets can never go out of style. Leather jackets in darker tones complete the look while making it completely drool worthy. Helps you get all the attention from the ladies! Formal and semi-formal jackets also sell like hot cakes and can be found in a range of cuts, colors and fabrics conveniently at any online store. Then there are the quilted ones which keep the harsh winds at bay like not even a heater can, and yes, they can make a man look manly and bulky without much hard work.

The jacket look is indeed incomplete without a muffler or a scarf. Yes scarves are no longer exclusively meant for women. Look stylish and suave by teaming a scarf with a heavy jacket and make heads turn. Mufflers go better with formal jackets, so try it and get ready to receive all those compliments.

Now that you’re enlightened about the winter wear for men, make sure you make no mistake, whether it’s for your own sake or for gifting purposes. Also remember, standard dark shades always work well for the man but a little bit of color never hurt anyone!