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Wow, these FURA Mozambican rubies revive that famous Mogok glow

Mogok. The name of this famous valley of rubies in Burma has come to be synonymous with the best rubies in the world.

Above the earlier a long time, the supply of Burmese Mogok rubies has dwindled, and this just isn’t only for the reason that the U.S. authorities posed sanctions on the navy authorities of Myanmar (Burma).

The jewellery industry always experienced a fondness for rubies. We requested authorities to notify us additional about the enjoyable news of the rubies a short while ago located by FURA Gems in Mozambique.

Kenneth Scarratt  ( Running Lover of the Global Colored Gemstone Association’s ICA GemLab, and previous Director for Southeast Asia of the Gemological Institute of The usa (GIA)) states: ”Thai rubies, followed by Mong Hsu rubies from Myanmar, loaded the gap, even however these were practically nothing like their Burmese predecessors”.

Dev Shetty (CEO & Founder of FURA Gems) tells us how his firm forayed into the mining of rubies at the Montepuez in the Cabo Delgado province of northeastern Mozambique commenced output in 2021. ”In exploration and early sampling, the FURA group had astounding revelations about the top quality of the gems from their mine. He says that the rubies experienced a richness and glow rarely observed in Mozambique,” he states. ”I understood intuitively that FURA had one thing distinctive and exclusive to provide the marketplace.”

We also spoke to Thanong Leelawatanasuk, the Deputy Director of The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand: “Even even though the inclusions are standard of Mozambique rubies,” he suggests, “the color tone is lighter and more desirable than rubies before noticed from Mozambique. The content is of pretty very good quality.”

“Burmese rubies are usually pinkish-purple, but the nicer types from Mozambique are plain pink, which is a superior trait. FURA’s Mozambican rubies are ‘nicer”’, in accordance to Kennedy Ho, Chairman of the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS) in Bangkok, Thailand, launched 44 a long time ago as the 1st gemstone laboratory in Southeast Asia.

Thanong Leelawatanasuk ”The produce from FURA’s mines is exclusive and indisputable. FURA’s rubies have a significantly increased fluorescence than other Mozambique rubies for the reason that of their substantial chromium content material”.

He proceeds: ”Their radiance and glow produce enjoyment in trade circles since these features are strongly affiliated with Mogok rubies. 


It is the superior chromium-to-iron ratio, for the reason that of which rubies from both of those the locations glow” 


“Roughs only help the gemologist assess fluorescence and chromium and iron levels,” says Kenneth Scarratt. “It is inevitably the faceted substance that helps the gemologist conclude a ruby’s excellent.” However, FURA rubies from Mozambique do echo the Mogok features. “These are extremely brilliant and incredibly good,” he claims.


Is there a probability of the existence of pigeon-blood* rubies among the the FURA rubies?

“It is harmless to say that of all the forms of rubies discovered, Mozambique does have a particular style gratifying the right fluorescence and chromium concentration ailments to qualify them for the appellation,” in accordance to Kenneth Scarratt. 


*Pigeon-blood rubies, this is the identify for the most beautiful and rarest deep pink Mogok rubies”


Kennedy Ho“There has been a single rough that we categorised as pigeon blood.” He hints at the likelihood of acquiring much more this sort of rubies. Referring to the tiny batch of ruby roughs obtained by the laboratory from FURA, Kennedy Ho affirms the existence of pigeon-blood rubies. 

Dean from Peninsula Gems is a valued consumer of FURA. He also participated in FURA’s inaugural auction of Mozambican ruby roughs in September 2021. 

“The rubies from FURA’s mines are impressive and pretty as opposed to at the moment readily available. Rubies are in wonderful demand, and FURA’s rubies open up up a entire new opportunity for traders on the lookout to grow their industry share,” he says excitedly. 

He carries on, “FURA rubies have come on to the market at the correct time. Previously, we almost never noticed this sort of features in large volumes,” suggests Dean. Pleasantly astonished by the finds, he continues to be hopeful that the company will maximize its potential to tap the market’s probable absolutely.

Akshay Jain of FEI praises the attractive rubies he noticed at the auction. “Our knowledge at the 1st auction was really very good. The rubies are a sweeter coloration, additional open up. They resemble a whole lot of Burmese rubies,” he says.

“FURA’s ruby colors are among the most desirable in the market place,” says Jain, introducing that FEI has a array of discerning clients around the globe whose trained eyes and extended practical experience allow them to choose rubies simply by the brightness of shade and fluorescence of the gems.

“Some of our consumers particularly invest in Burmese and not Mozambican rubies mainly because they know the variation. I can say that the mine FURA is operating on is splendid. It has the suitable substance,” states Jain.

Thanong LeelawatanasukThe amazing fluorescence of FURA’s rubies lends each individual stone attractiveness of its personal. “FURA is at an initial stage of its mining functions in Mozambique. With additional exploration, they will get better-top quality rubies, which will support them in scaling source.” 

When we asked Akshay Jain how present markets — specifically China, a huge current market for rubies in darker tones — will adapt to the new offer from FURA, he claimed “Innovative and discerning suppliers and merchants will like it. They will know that this giving of rubies is distinctive.” 

The gurus concur that FURA’s Mozambican rubies stand apart in the present gemstone industry. Labs and buyers suggest that these may perhaps be the most promising obtainable today, in good quality and quantity.

The Mogok location is virtually mined out, and the high quality of FURA’s giving provides the sector with an exciting new opportunity. Certainly a person that will reignite the fireplace of enthusiasm of ruby enthusiasts and connoisseurs.


”The elite prospective buyers will welcome the prospect to get these high-quality rubies from FURA’s Mozambique mine”


FURA’s 62,853-hectare mine in Mozambique has an predicted lifetime of three decades. The mine expects to produce 30 million carats of rubies by December 2022.

These points make FURA 1 of the premier ruby suppliers in the globe and sign the return of the glorious period of the finest of Burma: the fabled Mogok ruby.

Far more: www.furagems.com

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