June 17, 2024


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Zippos and a Worldwide Impact

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Zippo has been around for a long time that most people have heard of it. They have sold over 400 million lighters ever since they started production. The company has been founded in 1932 and has continuously impressed smokers and collectors alike. It is not a surprise that they won the population. The popularity of this line of lighters can be accounted to the windproof feature. Those can be refilled which makes it quite practical. Other than that, it is also economical because of its lifetime guarantee. Many would know the distinctive sound it makes when the flameless lighter is opened or closed. The number of movies where the lighter is showcased is proof of their reputation.

It became known worldwide since it launched its export campaign in 1962. The company also produces lighter fluids, torches and cigarette lighters. They even have expanded the market further by designing a lighter that is not related to smoking. The long and slim lighter is specifically for lighting candles, fireplaces and grills. It is a big step considering that the company has always targeted the population of smokers. Its founder, George Grant Blaisdell thought about the concept when his friend tried to light a cigarette on a windy night. Zippo is a long way from that and has diversified. The company also produces utility knives and leather goods. However, the company will always be known for their Zippo lighters that have been considered as a status symbol.

It has much to do with the efficiency and the designs. That classic rectangular pocket lighter indeed has a lot of attitude in it. The fact that there is a wide variety of designs also has a lot to do with their fame. People know that they can easily get something that suits their taste so they would not go out looking for another brand. There are countless designs that would satisfy each consumer. Basically, Zippo has it all. It is durable and the lifetime guarantee they offer proves that. No other can match the long time that the company has produced lighters so it is also not a question of reliability.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, they have considered their market’s preferences with their designs so they continuously pleased people. The fact that there are personalized Zippo lighters brought the brand to a new level. As there are people who are particular with their individuality, those engraved lighters are quite catchy. It was also perfect for companies who were looking at creative giveaways. Nothing seems more perfect than Zippos that carry their company’s name by having it engraved on the casing.

They have not stopped adding new designs as lighters are also considered as fashion accessories. Zippo even released a 14-karat gold windproof lighter. The designs have changed and are far from how they used to be since they opened but it has always maintained its reputation by sticking with windproof ones that come with a lifetime guarantee. It is safe to say that this classic is not going anywhere any time soon.